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my friend's cat is sick :(

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So I was at my friends' house yesterday and his cat looked really lethargic and really skinny and I asked him what's wrong with her and he said that she threw up earlier because his sister was overfeeding her.
It's not his cat but more like a family cat so he doesn't feel like it's entirely his responsibility.
I told him she looks really skinny and something is wrong but he said she always looks like that, she has always been skinnier than Jake. Which is true but I could see the outline of her scalp and facial bone structure and she just had that lethargic look to her. My friend tried to pick her up off of his bed and she held onto the bed with her claws so he couldn't move her, then went immediately back to sleep when he let her down. This behavior on its own scared me, Jake never does this. But then again I have only seen Jake and have no other cats so I am not sure.
Today, I asked him how she's doing and he said she threw up 8 times!! He was complaining that she made a mess in his room and he had to put her outside of his room so she stops making a mess I told him if that was me- I'd be worried about my cat not about the mess at all. I told him to take her to the vet and he said his family would probably not do it and he has a full time job, plus he is moving out of his parents house and into an apartment at the end of the week. So he is very busy...
Soo I don't know what to do, I guess I will offer to take her to the vet and pay for it myself on Wednesday since I am not free until then I have two mid terms I am not sure if she is up to date on shots and I would also feel awkward saying "hey your cat is sick I'll take her to the vet", it might piss them off that I'm trying to make it seem like they aren't caring for her.
But yea aside from my vent does anyone know what could be wrong? I'm scared and worried about her.
Another thing I worry about is, I could take her to the vet and not know all of her symptoms since no one has been watching her...
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She needs a vet now.
She is throwing up way to much.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
She needs a vet now.
She is throwing up way to much.
Agreed. And being skinny and lethargic are reason enough for her to go to the vet, as well.

Unfortunately, there are too many possibilities as to why this poor kitty is sick, so guessing won't be of much use here.

I think it's great that you want to take her to the vet - it is, of course, the right thing to do if you can get your friend to agree. I'm not sure why he wouldn't - seems he'd be just as glad to have someone else take care of her.

If he does let you take her in, try to find out as much as possible from him - what does the cat usually eat, how often, when did she last have a meal (that she kept down), is she indoor only, could she have gotten into something toxic, etc. He may not be much help, but you have to ask.

Poor baby - she's suffering not only from illness but neglect. Thank you for caring about her. I hope you'll be able to help - the sooner the better.
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I also agree, at this point she probably needs an emergency animal hospital. It does sound like it could be a bowl obstruction, severe infection, whatever it is this poor kitty needs immediate veterinary assistance, she is suffering....
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I wouldn't worry too much about these people. They are neglecting their animal. Please take the cat in to the vet. I am not telling you to, but I would take it behind their backs if need be. I can't stand an animal suffering.
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The reason why i'm afraid that they won't like me taking her to the vet is because they won't believe me that something is wrong. A few months ago their dog died and I was there again and saw he wasn't well but they said it's the heat and he will be fine after he drinks some more water..then a few days later they found him dread. I tried not to judge and thought maybe they were right but I am afraid this is happening all over again. I am sad because I can't take her to the vet until Wednesday. I will be asking about her a lot-my friend said she is better today and if I hear she is throwing up aagain I'll go and take her to the that's the plan I hope pulls through till Wednesday.
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What a tough situation. You are a very good person to take her to the vet, poor kitty. My cat acted like that when he had advanced renal failure, but like someone else said it could be so very many things. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
What a tough situation. You are a very good person to take her to the vet, poor kitty. My cat acted like that when he had advanced renal failure, but like someone else said it could be so very many things. Good luck.
She is about 6 years old. I forgot to say her name is Tom, they didn't know she was a girl until she went into heat or something... I hate how the family sometimes still says "he" even though she's a girl..but whatever. She gets fed friskies dry food and no canned and occasionally treats. I talked to my friend about feeding her canned food, he agreed but said "go tell that to my mom, she won't care and will continue feeding whatever". I mean his attitude makes me a little mad because he CAN do the right thing, but he just doesn't care enough. She gets free fed and she is still too skinny She has been on the skinny side for as long as I've known her- about 4-5 years and I'm always told she is just a small cat. I am scared there may be some condition that she has had for a long time and has been neglected
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I was thinking kidney failure too. After all that vomiting, kitty may not make it until Wednesday, but if she does, I hope you can get her out of there and to the vet. Maybe you can take her home to your house for whatever nursing and care that may been needed after the vet?

Who cares what they think about what you are implying, she's more important. I hope they never get another pet, I don't understand people like that. The kitty is lucky she has someone who
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