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How long after a cat is spayed can she be shown?

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Our plan is to have Wrinkles spayed right after the next TICA show which is Nov 28th and 29th.
There is a CFA show on Dec 19th is that I plan on going to.
It is the Christmas Show that people had said not to go to.
It looks like a fun show.
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She should be fine - thought you would have some experience on this with Cleo's spaying and her incision?
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Cleo was spayed before I got her and my other cats are not shown.
I thought maybe you have to wait a certain amount of time before you show them after surgery.
You can still see Cleos scar but she is bald.
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We had a HHP spayed at 7 months old and she went in her first show at 8 months old with a bald belly (just a little fuzz to cover but showing a lot of pink skin). Apparently it didn't hurt her in the judge's eyes as she walked away with 3 Best Cats out of 4 rings in a one day show!

She should be fine - I'd enter her as late as possible to see how she is feeling and recovering.
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I think I can wait up to 5 days before the show to enter her.
That is the only Dec show so far.
Jan I have 3-4 shows.
Wrinkles breeder has asked me to teach her to show since she has never shown before.
It will be our first time staying in a hotel and it is not until Jan.
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The wound should be pretty much healed by 7-10 days, so she should be fine.
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I just wanted to make sure she would be ok by then.
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Find out if your vet uses the disolvable stitches. If they need to be taken out that would not be done for 2 weeks.

IMO if you have a lot of shows to go to in January, then I would reconsider the December show. Let her get more used to things, heal completely from spaying and get her handled by lots of people/friends (even take her to Petsmart a few times).

Its not like you will have no more shows and you want her to have a good experience at them. She can't tell you how she really feels and too much handling right after spaying may make her touchy for future shows.
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My vet uses disolvable stitches.
I had Meeko and Sasha spayed there.
I have a choice between a reg spay and a lapo.
Sasha had the Lapo Spay last Feb.
It cost $100 more.
Wrinkles has a CFA and a TICA show before she gets spayed.
I will think on the Dec 19th CFA show.
It is a 1 day 6 ring show.
We have another Lodi TICA show Jan 8th-10th.
Then we have CFA shows on Jan 16th and Jan 30th and 31th.
There is also a CFA show in San Diego on Jan 23rd/24th that I might go to so I can teach Wrinkles breeder how to show
That would be a extra show for me.
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Seriously Jacky, I would wait and not put her in December show. Do a few of the January shows.

I found with Jack he will not really tolerate more then 2 shows in any one month; you don't want to over do it. It was pretty rough on him doing the 3 May shows (kitten ones) but he still finalled in 22 out of 24 rings! I was really concerned that might have affected future shows, but a 2 month break and showing him in August (1) and Sept (1) - he was fine and no problems in getting upset and grumpy (thank God)
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Cleo acting terrible at the TICA show for some reason and I sure do not want Wrinkles to act that way.
Cleo was not to bad the first day though.
I am hoping Cleo does not act up at the next show.
There is a good chance Cleo could grand at one of the shows this year if she acts right.
I will hold Wrinkles out of the Dec show.
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