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That bed is great but all three in there sleeping is even better! Mine would NEVER do that. So cute!
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The "three peas in a pod" photo of them sharing the dog bed is just tops!!
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ooooooh i know where im going when blaine gets paid
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There's my favorite trio!!!

Hehe I'd say they love that new bed! I love the pictures of all three of them snuggled up together!! Too sweet!
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Such great pictures Susan!

I adore how they all three snuggle together in the bed. My boys can't be next to eachother for more than a minute before they start wrestling
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Susan, your pictures are wonderful. It's like those 3 cats actually pose for you. Whenever I bring out the camera Bijou gets all shy - very frustrating.
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That's so cute! I don't see any need to buy something and then wait 2 months to give it to the cats - it's not as thought they know what Christmas is

I wish all 3 of mine got along, your pics always make me so jealous!
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I can't believe that I didn't see this thread until now!

I love pictures of Rosie, Sophie and Jack, they are all so cute!
Their new bed looks perfect for them and it's so nice to see them all snuggled up together in it.
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SUSAN! It's not even close to Christmas. Abby's Christmas gifts are safely put away.

It look really soft though and they do look like they love it.
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I did good with what i bought them from Harrods at the weekend though! I bought them each a small christmas stocking that you fill with catnip and they've been put away.

My sister said "I bet you give them it!", but i said it's because it's a christmas stocking that i havent

That springy santa hat toy you sent them a couple of years ago only comes out the beginning of December
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Your kitties are gorgeous! I love the pic of all three of them laying in the bed together.
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What great pics, and what cute kitties! That bed looks mega comfy!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Happy cat sardines! I think you're gonna need to get the doggies another bed.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I bought the kids a new dog bed for christmas, but it's so soft and squishy i had to let them have it now

Inspection time!

This is great Mum!

There's lots of comfy nights in it

I'd say it fits them perfectly?!

Jack gets his ears cleaned out

You know, you really should abusing your cats like that!!!!
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OH my! I Adore your three babies! I love all the pics Wow, they love their new bed so much! I wish my kitties were like that, I've bought many beds with no luck, but your kitties, wow, they love it and they share, too good to be true!
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