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A Story - Sparkles, the Calico Cat

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This is a story I wrote about my animals:

A Story – Sparkles, the Calico Cat

Sparkles the calico cat sat basking in the sun in the living room window. She loved to feel the warm sunshine on her back. She gently licked her paw and washed her face before taking her nap.

Sparkles was a beautiful calico cat who was mostly white, but she had a few orange patches and a few black patches. She had a little black splotch on her chin that looked like she was eating blueberry jam and forgot to wipe her mouth. The orange patches on top of her head made her look like she was wearing a crown. Little did her humans know, she really was wearing a crown. You see, Sparkles was Princess of Cats.

Upon waking from her nap, Princess Sparkles arose, and with a grand ‘meow’ she called her subjects to her. Skittles, her court jester, was the first to hearken to her call. Secretly, Skittles was in love with the fair Sparkles, but he knew he could never have her for he was just a clown, a simple orange tabby, and she was a royal calico.

The next cat to arrive was Sir Mo, a Siamese suitor who longed to marry Princess Sparkles so that he could take over her fortune. He had his eye on her diamond collar and her gemstone studded four post bed. While court jester Skittles spent his days making the Princess laugh and smile, Sir Mo was busy frolicking and enjoying himself in the catnip garden with his friend, Sir Spencer, who was also after the Princess’ inheritance.

The Princess’ other subjects continued to gather ‘round one by one. Lastly, her mother and father arrived, Queen Pumpkin and King Simba, with his advisors, Professor Jingles and Gizmo the Sage. Now Professor Jingles and Gizmo the Sage were lifelong friends of the King. The Professor was honored to be included in this kingdom of cats, as Professor Jingles was not a cat, but she was a dog, a very privileged dog.

Princess Sparkles sat upon her perch atop the back of the recliner. She raised her paw to shush the crowd. “I have an announcement to make,†she mewed daintily.

“Tonight, after the humans have gone to bed and all is quiet in the house, we shall have a ball. At the end of the ball, I shall announce the name of the tomcat I choose to share my saucer of milk with.â€

Now when a calico cat chooses a tomcat to share a saucer of milk with, they are bound together for eternity. Whomever, Princess Sparkles chooses to share her saucer with will be the future king to reign with her and take over the Kingdom of Cats.

Sir Mo nudged his buddy, Spencer, and they winked at each other. The two of them scurried back out to the catnip garden to devise their dastardly plan. They were certain that Princess Sparkles would pick one or the other of them, and they plotted together that whichever of them wasn’t chosen would become the new advisor to the king when he and Princess Sparkles took over the reign from her parents. Sir Mo and Sir Spencer thought their plan so clever that they didn’t even notice Gizmo the Sage listening from the window above the garden.

Evening came, and the humans retired for the night. All was dark, but that didn’t matter because cats can see in the dark. Professor Jingles was not present at the ball, for she was a dog after all, and she was keeping a watch to make sure the humans didn’t interrupt the proceedings. If a human were to get up and come downstairs, Professor Jingles would alert the Kingdom with her bark. She stood guard at the top of the stairs where she could easily detect any human movement.

The ball was about to begin. Now a cat’s ball is different than a human ball. There is no dancing. A ball for cats is a ball of yarn, or in this case, several balls of yarn. When all the balls were unraveled, Princess Sparkles would announce her beau. Chasing balls of yarn could sometimes create quite a ruckus, so now you see why Professor Jingles had to keep guard. Being the court jester, it was Skittles responsibility to release the balls of yarn from the knitting bag. One by one, he batted them out. A ball of red yarn was the first out. Sir Mo and Sir Spencer tried to show off by pouncing upon the red ball and throwing it up in the air. But Princess Sparkles was unimpressed. Next came a purple ball of yarn, which Queen Pumpkin caught with her royal paw and passed to her husband. King Simba caught the ball, rolled over and laid on it, laughing.

The last ball of yarn was in the bottom of the knitting bag. Skittles had to burrow himself all the way into the bag to get it out. Sir Mo and Sir Spencer laughed at and mocked the poor court jester, and they closed the bag so he couldn’t get out.

All the while, Princess Sparkles was surveying the ball. She conversed with Gizmo the Sage and confided in him whom she was going to choose to share her milk with. Gizmo nodded his head in agreement with her wise choice.

Skittles managed to fight his way out of the knitting bag, and he carried the orange ball of yarn in his mouth and dropped it at the Princess’ paws. “For you, m’lady,†he bowed.

“Why, thank you, kind sir,†the Princess purred as she curtsied. Together, they pounced and pranced and laughed as they unwound the ball of yarn.

Within a matter of minutes, the ball was over. The Kingdom of Cats had managed to unravel all the yarn without waking the humans. Now was the moment of truth. Sir Mo stuck out his chest and winked his blue eyes at Sir Spencer. Spencer smiled slyly and slicked back his fur. Meanwhile, Skittles was cleaning up after the ball, putting the yarn back into the knitting bag as neatly as he could. King Simba clapped his forepaws together and cleared his throat.

“Princess Sparkles will make her choice known,†he declared.

The Princess slowly approached the saucer of milk in the kitchen. She raised her right paw to her lips and washed her face. Then she looked out among her subjects.
“I have made my decision,†she announced. “Sir Mo, you are a beautiful Siamese cat, a real treat for the eyes, but you are always seeking your own pleasure. I’m afraid you would not put the affairs of the kingdom before your own.â€

The Princess continued. “Sir Spencer, you are a lovely cat, but you are no leader for my kingdom. You follow Sir Mo, and I am sure he will certainly lead you astray.â€

Princess Sparkles cast her gaze toward the knitting bag. Her parents’ eyes gleamed in the moonlight coming in through the window. The Princess got up and sashayed beside her court jester. She nuzzled her head into his side and lovingly licked his cheek.

“Huh?†Skittles was in shock.

“I choose you to share my saucer of milk,†she purred. “Skittles, you are my friend, and you always make me happy. You put my happiness above your own. You will make a splendid Prince and a devout King. I choose you, Skittles.â€

King Simba and Queen Pumpkin were very pleased with the Princess’ choice. Sirs Mo and Spencer stomped out through the cat door to the garden to drown their sorrows in catnip. Gizmo the Sage smiled as he nodded his blessing. From the top of the stairs, Professor Jingles lifted her head and dried a tear.

Princess Sparkles and Prince Skittles lapped up the first of many saucers of milk they would share throughout their lives together, all nine of them. Then they curled up on the couch together and purred happily ever after.

Princess Sparkles

Prince Skittles

Sir Mo

Sir Spencer

Queen Pumpkin

King Simba

Professor Jingles

Gizmo the Sage (with Prince Skittles)
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Cute story. I enjoyed reading it. Your babies are beautiful!
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That was adorable and so funny! I loved reading every word!! And your babies are adorble!
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