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Will she ever be the same after an injury

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As I talked about on here around the last week of September Tiny's foot got hurt. One the first (4 days or so after the accident) we took her to the vet when we saw she was not getting any better. The vet we use doesn't use an x-ray machine, the manipulate the area to feel for broken bones. They said that they did not feel anything broken and that the thought she just bruised her leg. They did give her a shot of predisone and gave 7 days worth of pills for pain and inflammation.

We have finished the meds and although she is not putting full weight on her leg she is walking on it more but not running on it. If that keeps she will be going back to the vet. My issue right now is she has changed personality wise.

Getting her to eat a full meal is a hassle. She eats about half of what I give her but if anyone walks into the room she is done and will not go back to it. She is very nervous around the kids still, but I kinda understand that because a kid did step on her. The biggest change is between her and Ping and Yang. Ping gets to close to her when she does not want him there she lashes out at him. Yang, which was her buddy, is not allowed anywhere around her period. When he gets around her she turns into a whole other animal. And mostly he just wants to play with her like they used to.

Will she ever be the same again? Or is she gonna always be this way?
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This is coming from nothing other than common sense...no real animal behavioural experience here:

It sounds like the poor baby is still in pain. If it were me, I would be taking her back to the vet and asking for an x-ray. If they won't do it, I'd go to another vet. It's entirely possible that nothing is broken and it's just taking time for the paw to heal. However, it's also possible that something is broken and it's not healing properly, causing more pain than necessary.

Regardless, if she's in pain, that's probably why her personality has changed. I would imagine that, once she's no longer in pain, she'll be in a better mood. She may still be a little wary around the kids, though, if that's how she got injured. As for her reaction to the other cats...I'm guessing, with time, they'll all be friends again. She was injured, went to the vet, and has been in pain...she probably just doesn't want anyone to bother her right now.

While this didn't involve an injury, my Delilah turned on her sister (and best friend) Belle when we attempted to take in a stray. She would hiss, growl, etc. at Belle whenever she came near. I was worried that their relationship would be changed forever. However, now, a month or so later, they are back to being best friends...actually, I think they are closer than they were before (I don't think they had ever really established "alpha cat" status before...and now it seems they have).

As Tiny seems to be feeling better on her foot, maybe you can engage all three cats in some interactive play together, give them treats in the same area, and give them attention when they are close to each other. In the meantime, try to give Tiny a quiet place to eat where she won't be interrupted...she may just need to feel safe!
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A fractured bone can have a "crack" in the bone without being "broken". So feeling or manipulating the leg cannot reveal a "cracked" bone. Hairline fracture.

Also, there could be tendon or ligament damage and manipulating may have made that worse.

I forgot Tiny's age if she is young, there may be damage to the growth plates.

I wonder if Tiny is still in pain, too. Can you find a vet with orthopedic experience that can take an xray?

So sorry for Tiny and for the others that don't understand.
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Around here that is unlikely. I have 3 vets to choose from around here. The one I took her too and this is the same one that neutered Ping. There is another one in that same town and honestly he is no different then the other. Tho good with pets and nice and all that just does not have the latest equipment. There is another option but honestly I don't wanna take her there. They are outragous with their prices (240 to get a 6 mth old female cat spayed) it is cattle run type place, and not very nice people.

She was 12 weeks old when I got her in March so she is around 10 months old or so.
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