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K9 Advantix???

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Does anyone use or have experience with this product? Just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.
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K9 Advantix is deadly to cats. Do not use on a cat or on a dog the cat may groom or cuddle with.

Advantage is safe for cats.
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It’s not quite clear, but I hope your referring to putting this on your dog..? BUT, I still wouldn’t recommend using this on a dog either. Some dogs can have a serious reaction to this so I just wouldn’t take the chance myself!
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It is poison to cats do not use it on your cat, or dog if you have cats that snuggle or groom your pooch.

My understanding is it contains a derivative of chrysanthemum flowers, and that's why it is toxic to cats.
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I've used it on my dogs with no problems, and as for Mulligan grooming them,,HA, you have a better chance at seeing him take a bath.....
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I would not take a chance at using K9 advantix on a dog in a home with cats, too.

One of the homes I provide services in has a dog, and they use k9 advantix. After I get home I strip, putting the clothes directly into the washer, and shower. The dog is usually all over me while I'm in their house and I am taking no chances.

Vectra 3D is also very dangerous for households with cats for the same reason, they both contain Permethrin which is highly toxic to cats (and fish too )
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