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Question of the day Oct 11th.

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Morning all a little late getting here this morning. We in the middle of a horrible wind, rain and dare I say it snow storm. The power has been flipping off all morning.

My question for today is the:

How do you react to the first storm of the winter season.

My reaction this morning was to roll over cover my head up and go back to sleep for a awhile. Now I am just grumbling because there is no way I going outside today it's way to nasty. I guess I would have to say it takes a few weeks to get use to it.
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I love the first snow fall . Then it can go away.
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I hate cold weather. I've been in mourning for the summer for the last month.

We were supposed to have flurries last night. Of course I slept thru it, but I did keep the covers pulled over my head extra late this morning.
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Honestly? I just cry.

Then get ready for winter. I hate winter.
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i wished a snow storm around here........
check my forecast...
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Since we rarely get snow of any significance here, I have learned to react the way the natives do - stay home until it goes away! Seriously, an inch of snow can shut down the entire city.

Back on January 19, 2005, Raleigh received an unexpected snowfall of less than one inch a few hours before the 5 o’clock rush hour. The temperatures leading up to this day were persistently cold, creating ground temperatures at and near freezing and allowing the melting snowfall below motorist’s tires to freeze into an icy sheet on the roadway. Just about everyone out and about that afternoon immediately had to drive with extreme caution as traffic jams and gridlock befell the entire city and surrounding area. As darkness arrived the air temperatures dropped and further solidified the scenario that many Raleigh residents won’t forget. Many people became captives of the slick streets and roads for hours.

I grew up in the snow belt, so it's pretty funny, but it's serious too when the other people out there don't know how to drive in snow, and when 1/2 inch of snow can cause people to have to spend the night in their cars trying to get home (it took me an hour and a half to drive 5 miles that day), I have definitely learned to stay home!
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I love to see the cats reaction with it, so the first thing i do is open the curtains and the blinds so they can see it and they go crackers on the windowsill trying to catch it

I hate having to go out in it though but that's the beauty of my office only being 3 minutes from home now instead of having to travel into town
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I hate the winter,so the first snowfall is gross.It reminds me of alot more to come!
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First then then I move on to and more
Yep, it's definitely on its way.
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Oh...I love, love the winter! I just wish we would get some good snow storms, but I don't think it happens anymore around here. We might get a dusting (a teasing), but that's about it.
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I was just having this conversation with my Mother.

It seems like people who live in warm places like snow. People who live in cold places don't like it so much.

Probably because in the warm places it's a treat that doesn't last more than a day. Up here it goes on for months.

When it snows I stay home. If I wake up and see it snowing I call the boss and then go back to sleep.

It's pretty to look at it you don't have to go out in it.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
i wished a snow storm around here........
check my forecast...
I do love the snow, but I have no sympathy for you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexico! No matter where I go in Mexico (yes, I've been in some rough parts too) I just can't stop grinning! Love the culture, love the people, love everything about it!
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I wish it would snow here sometimes. It is extremely rare to have snow fall here that actually sticks. But on Jan 25, 1999, we had 3 inches of snow. The city about shut down! My boss at the time called and told me not to attempt to come in. DH called his work since we couldn't get the garage door open because snow had drifted against it.

I love a good rain storm as long as I am not out driving in it. I love to watch lightning too. We really need rain right now, it is so dry!
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I love the first snow fall . Then it can go away.

I have to admit that since moving from Wisconsin to Texas, I kinda do miss the very first snowfall: I've only seen snow once since moving here.

But after that, I can do without!
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I just hope it was light enough we don't have to go shovel.

We're going to go get snow tires this year - not all weather tires. We're hoping that if we do that it'll be a mild winter. You can BET if we don't, it'll be the winter from the coldest, snowiest hell there is.
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Well, about covers what I have been saying every time i step out the door and the white is still falling........and it's not even the end of October, AND we had no summer, just winter, some kinda warmish season starting mid-May and now back to winter.........
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It seems like the local news here makes a bigger deal out of the first storm than what it really is. When the first rain falls, I make sure I slow down sooner at red lights (to avoid surprise oil slicks on the road) and make sure my wipers need or not need to be replaced.

I the snow too! I've been snowshoeing in -15F (yes that is negative 15 degrees!) in Wisconsin, snowboarding in slight winds in the Sierras and Canadian Rockies and have driven in snow too.

Oh, I also get out my flannel pj's and warm fuzzy slipper socks
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Originally Posted by Lynsey View Post

Oh, I also get out my flannel pj's and warm fuzzy slipper socks
Yes! We might not have the snow, but at least it gets cold enough to enjoy these! And I also love flannel sheets! They remind me of my Mom! (RIP Mom...I love you & miss you so)
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My philosophy on snow is this, I like to go visit the snow, like skiing or for fun stuff and then I can leave, I don't like it to visit me and my home for any amount of time!
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I enjoy it - we don't have that many storms here. We've been having a few the last week though and it's suppose to be Spring.
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Don't get snow here, I've only ever seen it twice in my life. I couldn't imagine living with it constantly.

We've had crazy weather though, lately. First is was that horrible dust storm, then a couple of weeks ago it was so hot I put the air con on. And this past week it's been so cold it's back to heating.
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I love the first snow storm everything looks so great, and I like to take a long walk in it. But then it turn all slushy and slippery and I hate it. By January I'm already looking for spring to start
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I LOVE winter!!! Nothing like cozing up to a wood burning fire! We never get snow here, it snowed once in my 20 years of living here. It sometimes gets cold enough to snow, but it just doesnt! I really cant let weather get in my way, im so buisy with school, horses, work that I cant just stay home. Im just glad our 110 degree type of weather is gone!!!
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Originally Posted by BABZ View Post
Oh...I love, love the winter! I just wish we would get some good snow storms, but I don't think it happens anymore around here. We might get a dusting (a teasing), but that's about it.
Hmmmm how about paying me a visit let's say about the end of January and we can have a little chat about the difference between a good snow storm. And yes I know the ones you mean, the temps just a few degree freezing, big fluffy flakes drifting down cover every because there is no wind to blow them around...Now let talk Canadian Blizzard. Snow-falling a rate of 10 inches and hour, gale forced winds causing whiteout condition. Wind chill factors falling well into -30's. And the roads that road crew work on 24/7 just make anyone in my province at least can make to a Maple Leafs game in 4 hours or less.

Sorry Base Ball fans I know your games my be called because of rain, I have yet to hear of hockey game call on account of snow.
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First of all....CoolCat....that was so NOT cool. I am freezing today! But honestly I wouldn't want 100deg F weather alot.

I love all the seasons for very different reasons. Its about adapting. Enjoying what each season has to offer. The winter time offers a great chance to SLOW DOWN and really reflect on things. Than when spring comes you can do just that! SPRING! into action!

I think of fires and sitting around those fires with a hot drink and family. Just relaxing and chatting. Snuggling with kitties and loved ones. Good food like stews and shepards pie and fruit pies.

The first few drives in the snow can be a chore. Mainly because of people who forget how to drive in this kind of weather! Its a good thing I know take the train to work!

I find winter takes a lot more preparation than the other seasons. So that can be difficult till you get into the swing of things. Making sure you have the proper clothing and your car and home is winter ready.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
i wished a snow storm around here........
check my forecast...
Careful what you ask for may look pretty in picture and on post cards but feeling it is a whole different thing....
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I hate cold weather. One of these days I'll finally convince my hubby to move to Texas or Florida. Hopefully once the housing market picks back up we will do so. We had our first snow on Saturday, got about 6 inches (at least on our yard) and I HATED it! I hate snow period.
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