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mealtimes & food

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I am a new owner of a 2-yr.-old tabby, nothing fancy, but do we love her! I'd like to feed her both dry and wet food. I've been leaving the dry food out at night since she seems to get up at a very early hour and can feed herself without waking up the whole house. About 10-11 AM I give her a small slice of deli turkey breast which she loves. Then I leave more dry food for her until about 2PM at which time I put it away. At 4 or 5 PM I give her a teaspoon-size portion(which she doesn't usually finish) of canned Advantage or other good quality wet food. He total intake for the day is 1/2 cup of dry food plus the turkey and canned food.

It seems like I'm complicating my life and hers but I'm trying to find a good way to mix the two feeds. Any better ideas out there?
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I don't feed wet food, but the few people I know that do free feed the dry, and give about a half can of wet food about dinner time
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Mine are free fed dry (but I measure it out) and then are given about an ounce of canned food daily around 5pm.
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My cats are pretty good about self-feeding, none of them are over weight at all. I leave dry food out all the time. I feed them one can, sometimes two every morning about 10 am. I split the can between all four of them and add water to make alot of juice. They lick the juice up right away They love it
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Our cat gets half a day's ration (about 30 grams) of dry food in the morning, which he nibbles on throughout the day, and a small can (2 to 3 ounces) of canned food in the evening. He gets premium brands only.
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I feed both wet and dry food, wet in the morning, lunch, supper and midnight snack. I feed dry at lunch time and before I go to bed so they have dry food to munch on through the night. Sabrina and Toby share the dish but my Joey won't eat out of that dish so he only get his dry food at nighttime when he goes in my room. They have water all the time.
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I leave dry food out for my cats all the time. And in the evening they split a small 3 oz can of wet food.
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