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Stray Male Orange Point Siaese help

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Hi All
Last winter a beautiful stray intact male Orange point Siamese adopted us. However, we already have 4 cats...1. neutered, male domestic short hair tabby, 2 neutered short hair female torties, 1 neutered long hair female tortie. Well, the Siamese is a very tame, great friendly, people loving cat & we would like to try to keep him. The other female cats do not like him at all & the male tabby is not bothered by him. Our big concern is bringing him in the house (spraying). He has lived outside since last winter (maybe longer) & here in Cleveland Ohio, the winters can be very brutal! Of course we plan to have him neutered. Can anyone offer their 2 cents on how this wonderful cat can come in the house & be an accepted member of the cat pack? We may have to create a styrofoam igloo for him if it doesn't work out. He may have to be an outdoor cat. We are also considering putting him on Craig's list to a good home as a last resort.
Thanks in advance
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Neutering him is the first. Do it AT LEAST three weeks before you even try to letting them meet. He may be during that time alone in the quarantene room, as I presume you will have one, 2-3 weeks, including vet check up, deworming and deparasiting.
Females usually do accept neutered males but may be hostile to fertile (instinct for mothers??). Use also a Feliway diffuser, so the females will feel more comfortable at home, and thus - have easier to accept him.
Make sure they have different litters, food places and so on. So they can avoid each other if they want. It is quite common they dont get real pals, but they can coexist in the same apartment - IF they dont need to live on each other...
Let him first meet the friendly cat, so he begin to take in smells and so on.
Try to set their smells on him... One trick sometimes used is to set a good Vanilla extract on each one, especielly at tails base. Real vanilla extract, no fake thing.
There are a lot of threads in the behavior forum about how to introduce cats not so friendly to each other... Be prepared it may take time.

Dont forget to cuddle mostly with your residents, so they dont get jelaous. He is new, so he will not notice he is coming last.

Good luck!

Edit: Welcome to the Forums!
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He may spray regardless of the neuter, but that shouldn't stop you from neutering him. But if he has mated at 6 months he will just spray because that is what they do. He's not misbehaving, he is being a tomcat even after being clipped.

Before Craigslist, I would contact Siamese Rescue if you decide to rehome him.
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