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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Another President's Choice fan I see!

We had party food today, and it was very varied and tasty. I ate lots, drank probably too much wine because it was in tiny shot-sized glasses so I drank more of them. Just having some tea now to unwind.
I buy a fair amount of their prepared frozen pasta dishes because i cannot build a lasagna for 6 bucks. The seafood is my favourite. Haven't tried the party stuff from there, or anywhere else, do most of my own cooking, bad as it is, but, just cant make lasagna for the same price - the shrimp alone are 10.00 for the amount in that dish
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Hard day at work. Just decided to dig around in the freezer and came up with fast, bad food. Didn't have much time to thaw anything out so had to settle for ready to cook frozen food. Fish sticks for me and halibut squares for DH. Along with some Bush's Baked Beans. I'm not proud of this meal at all. Probably throw a green salad together to try to redeem myself.
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Pasta. Not sure precisely what, but it'll be some filled pasta out of the freezer, and what I'm leaning toward is the chicken/bacon filled sacchettini with a chicken and mushroom Alfredo sauce.
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Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup for me...and yes it was yummy.
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Ooh, I was in Canada for the day not too long ago and discovered the Presidents Choice line, yum!!! I looove their rippled potato chips

I made a pork roast in the crockpot so it'll be leftovers tonight, probably will turn it into a shredded pork bbq sandwich.
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Simple stuff for us: sausages; panfried leftover potatoes; broccoli - also leftover from Friday. Haven't a clue what dessert will be -- maybe a mandarin orange and some chocolate.

ETA: SHOCK NO DESSERT CHOCOLATE! That's OK. TimTams to the rescue!! All is well.
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whole wheat pasta with organic pasta sauce. And fish on top. Simple, quick, warm and filling. Iced tea to
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this thread's so good for ideas

i ate a huge lunch so no dinner tonight
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I was in a "kitchen" kind of mood yesterday, so along with the baking that I did, I made a large pot of chili and a large pot of spaghetti sauce. We put everything in freezer containers for those nights when I have meetings or we're busy....that way we can have a quick dinner, yet not have to do take-out.

Since I do have a meeting right after work this afternoon, we're having spaghetti. With garlic-parmesan rolls that I made a couple of weeks ago and stuck in the freezer.

(Spudsmom, we rather like Bush's baked beans sometimes.)
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At the moment, i'm having some cheesy grits before I leave for class (grits, cheese, lactose free milk, black peppercorn, sea -salt)

Not even thought about dinner yet!!!
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Roast chicken-skin stripped off (because I ate it earlier), leeks, cabbage, carrots, stuffing, roast potatoes, creamy potatoes, yorkshire puddings and gravy. Yummmmyyyy !!! Oh yeah and chocolate melting middle pudding after !!!
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DH made homemade spaghetti sauce..and I had some Tim Tams for dessert
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There's a pot of chili chuckling on the stove. I'm about to go upstairs and do some garlic bread to go with it. Dessert? Who knows?
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Jack suprised me after class and took me out to dinner at Carabba's (Italian). It was really yummy! I had a chicken dish with pasta, scallions, sauce, tomatoes, and cheese & a cesar salad! It was a nice break from a really tough day!
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Very delicious pasta last night. Penne with roasted squash, zucchini, red and green peppers, onions and garlic. Stir together with the cooked penne, herbs de provence, a little marinara and a lot of shredded mozarella and fontina cheese, top with parmesan and bake. Yummy!

Tonight will be another batch of pork chops from the freezer. Not sure what. Possibly baked with sauerkraut.
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Probably Shish 'n' Fips.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Jack suprised me after class and took me out to dinner at Carabba's (Italian). It was really yummy! I had a chicken dish with pasta, scallions, sauce, tomatoes, and cheese & a cesar salad! It was a nice break from a really tough day!
YUM you have GOT to try the goat sacked smoked gouda and for desert homemade cheesecake with your topping of choice, mmmmmhummm to dieee for honey. not a gram of fat either.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Probably Shish 'n' Fips.
Nope. Postponed until tonight, since I did not have the coleslaw makings I thought I had. So we ordered pizza -- just a swap of days.
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I am doing a pot roast with potato's, and carrots. For dessert some frozen mango yogurt.
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I'm going to make a homemade mushroom, ham off the bone and colby cheese melt for lunch today.

Tonight is dinner at my Aunty's for pre-Christmas. Since her family will be in New York for Christmas. *sigh*
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Beef stew that I made yesterday for tonight. With some cheddar bay biscuits (recipe is a lot like Red Lobster's).
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Tonight is easy and cheap cheeseburger macaroni Doug hates it, but its comfort food for me
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I just had a smoked chicken, mushroom, cos lettuce and cheese roll.

Dinner tonight will be a burger from work.
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Homemade chef salad!
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Hubby made mac and cheese with beef...it was good!
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Birthday Dinner at The Red Door. It's all wonderful food, I don't know what all will appear on the table (there will be five of us ordering), but for sure there will be Shaking Beef.

And I'd better think about putting some decent clothes on -- we need to leave soon.
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Crock pot chili.
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Hoping hubby will make something with chicken...
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Dinner last night was food poisoning so not eating much today at all.
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