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Who else has waterbabies?

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The first time, I thought it was merely curiosity. The second time I thought it was stupidity. But the third time he did it, I had to admit, Cudlles just likes to play in the water. After I take a shower or a bath, he jumps in and plays in the water. Even when I'm trying to fill the tub for a bath, Cuddles often jumps in before I get a chance to. Silly kitty! So I wanted to know, how many other people have water loving kitties. I posted a few low quality pictures of him too. I don't have a real camera yet, just the phone.
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Thats so cute Did he get bathed alot as a baby?
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sooty will go in the shower and flash plays in the water bowl shes a bit strange is our flash

they will both sit in the sink espec if theres water in it strange pair
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MY foster boy Jakie is a waterbaby. He loves to play in the water. He will climb into the kitchen sink WHILE I am doing dishes! And loves to splash the water dishes as I am filling them. He also stops to take a drink and is not bothered if the water is running on his head!!
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How sweet! Our of four cats, Daisy is my only waterbaby.
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Arwen will only sit in the sink or bathtub if they are a tap or switch the shower on she will fly out of there, literally!
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Lucy will go into the shower after I'm done and sit in there. I'm not sure what the attraction is
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my domino loves to lay in the bathroom sink especially if you turn the water on to a trickle, his body acts as a stopper and he lays there while it fills up. he aslo loves to put both paws in the sink and make swimming motions.
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None of mine are water fans, but one of our clinic cats, Banana, is. She's sit by the sink until you turn it on (to the EXACT right pressure mind you). She doesn't want to drink from it, but to sit directly under it so it falls on her head. Kind of like the YouTube shower kitty, but not as extreme.
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wow! So many other kitties love water other than mine. Hubby laughed and said he was going to buy Cuddles a wading pool when he gets home. Maybe we should get together and have a pool party!

Oh, and Allfurlove, No, he actually wasn't bathed much as a kitten. I bathed him once when they were brought in because they were soaking wet and dirty, and they needed to be clean and warm, and he got one bath a little older for fleas. Other than that, his water obsession is just all him. None of his littermates ever liked it, and neither does his mom, or little brother from a different litter.
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My kitty Houdini is facisnated by water although he isnt to fond of baths yet. When Im in the shower he will sit on floor in front of the bathtub and watch the water hit the shower curtain-he attacks the drops that slide down. Its hilarious to watch! Im waiting for him to fall in one of these days!
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Cute! My first cat Brigitte used to LOVE to play in the water. She'd always jump in the shower with me and sit at the end wetting her head and tail, such a silly girl. I miss her.
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