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Daily Thread: Sun. Oct. 11

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Morning folks....

yet another not sleeping well night

More cleaning, n' typical household stuff today. Tomorrow we go to the in-laws for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I did get alot accomplished yesterday tho.... my DD's room has been started since the summer (sorting through clothes).... I got 2 bags put away of stuff that is too big, 3 garbage bags to go to goodwill (combo of clothes and toys) and the basket that has been sitting in the hall for months has been dealt with LOL.

Now I still have a basket and couple largish piles in her room to sort. ( this is just the tops ) I'm hoping to get it done today, unfortunately this is the type of activity that really flares my hands and back, doesn't matter how slow I go But tis gotta be done

Have a good day folks.
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Good morning - heading out the door in a bit to go for a run. Later this morning, my boyfriend and I are taking his nephews to the zoo

have a good day everyone!
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Originally Posted by Lynsey View Post
Good morning - heading out the door in a bit to go for a run. Later this morning, my boyfriend and I are taking his nephews to the zoo

have a good day everyone!
sounds like fun.... Will you share some pics of the zoo if you get any?
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good afternoon

well i must admit i just made a fool of myself i just walked round to work to find in mot actually working today LMAO so im going to go to my mams instead

its nice and sunny here today and quite warm for this time of the year

have a nice day everyone
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I am baking Pumpkin pies today, to go with our big turkey supper tomorrow. It is -18C this morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr. Jim hurt himself at work yesterday so I think he will be hanging out on the couch.
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Morning All!!

Not a nice thanksgiving day here at all. We are in the middle of a huge rain, and wind storm and yes there is snow mixed in with it.

Not a nice day to have to travel anywhere that's for sure.

Just putter around the house a bit this morning, really tired again today just don't seem to be getting my energy back as quickly as I should. All I feel like doing is sleeping.
Hey I guess it's better then when I can't sleep.

The kitties are all sleeping, they don't like the weather either I guess.

Everyone have a great day
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It's Thanksgiving in Canada today? Can I be an adopted Canadian for the day?!?!?!? In your honor, I think I'll make a roast chicken with bread stuffing today (too late to thaw a turkey).

I had a very good thing happen to me yesterday. I wandered into a consignment shop in town and struck up a conversation with the owner. She does upscale consignment, but more importantly, features the work of local artists / crafts-people. She sponsors shows where a local artist is featured and asked me to be her next featured artist. Her last show drew about 100 attendees. I haven't done a show in a few years and will have a lot of work reworking up my displays, literature, catalogs, etc.

I'm working on Christmas presents right now, and will start working on the stuff for the show later today. I have a lot of work to do.
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Amy, in Canada it's the second Monday in October. (For you Canadians, here in the U.S. it's the third Thursday in November).

VERY cool Amy! So when's the show?

I managed to sleep - get this - 13 HOURS! Buy did I need it. I slept until 1:00pm in the afternoon. Other than being sick, I cannot remember doing that since high school days!

I also got ALL the paperwork and mail that needs to be kept (bills and such) collected from all the varous places they've been stashed around the house and got them all sorted. Now I need to get a file box to stick them in.

Did not get to the summer/winter clothes organizing/switch thing... maybe tomorrow.
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Yesterday was an interesting evening with the family. Everyone but two people had a bit too much to drink. Thankfully enough sober drivers to get everyone home. DH and I weren't feeling too hot today. I completely forgot about Mommy duties when I was refilling my glass.

We did do a bit of shopping today. I again got paid to shop at Rite Aid
Then we stopped for 5 boxes of litter. I believe the price went up too.
Mom and DS watched the Eagles game.
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