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Do you only feed :

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One brand of food?

One type of food?

Is the food sourced from or by the same manufacture?

This came back into mind with the recent round of "withdrawals " which are NOT a Technical recall but I think the ave person would call them that.. IMHO a withdrawal is the name for what many of us called the silent recalls . ie a food only disappearing from one areas shelves yet readily avail to another area ..

I have never just feed one type , brand or manufacturer as all animals were on a highly mixed diet . Ie one manufacture for dry food , multiple for wet ( okay this was true even in 07 but boy did I learn about how few manufacturers there were).. plus all eat whatever raw and homemade they will eat ( I have gotten extremely careful on this : ie 90% local meats( down to knowing what ranch and who butchered and where ) and as much local veg as I can.. I know reg rotate drys between different manufactures
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I voted multiple food types.

It depends on the type of year here:


Elmo & Sophie - fresh beef, whiskas singles, gourmet jelly meat and RC Persian

Sunshine - jellymeat, chef cat biscuits (although she has developed a taste for RC)

Fluffy, Flutterby & Tales - RC Persian adult & RC Persian kitten

At kittening time:

Queens get supplemented with Goats milk (depending what breed they are)

Kittens have goats milk, chef kitten jelly meat and fresh beef
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Multiple food types:
Home cooked meals are varied - beef, chicken, fish.
Once a week - raw meat.
Twice a day - dry food (now it's TOTW)
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Other= only raw
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I feed a mixture of 3 different foods + wet (different brands) + raw/cooked

Which I was actually thinking about...... #1: I need to start keeping the bags or note the lot numbers/date info because I dump and mix all 3 foods in one bin. #2: if there ever is a recall of one of the foods that I'm using, I'll have to throw out the whole bin of food

I think I'm going to start mixing it in different containers (mix it in a smaller portion instead of the whole 20lbs.
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We currently feed one kind of dry (but soon will be changing over when this is almost gone) and vary the brand/kind in canned food (chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, or venison). And are also giving raw (beef or chicken) about twice a week
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other: only raw

I am not entrusting my cats health to pet food companies anymore.
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I feed 1 type of dry and multiple types of wet.
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I voted multiple types.

Kody's eats primarily raw--I buy a prepared frozen raw & stick with one type as that is the only one he will eat.

He gets a canned variety occasionly -- I try different ones as he doesn't like very many.

I am now able to mix two kinds of dry kibble (Taste of the Wild and Nature's Variety Instinct). They are from different manufacturers and I am very glad I am able to do this because of possible problems and recalls. Previously, he would only eat the one kind, but just in the last month he decided he loved the Nature's Variety Instinct Rabbit also.

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Alpine gets:
Dry-- mixture of one third Purina Pro Plan UTI chicken and two thirds TOTW. No UTI's since this diet started (knock on wood). 100% grain free didn't work for her.
Wet-- non-fish varieties of Natural Balance, Wellness, California Natural, Mericks, Friskies...but pate only.

Basically she eats lots of different wet foods because she gets bored with one so quickly.
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My cats all get 1/4c. of the same dry food in the morning, which I consistently buy as it's the only allergy formula that my one can handle.

Gus gets the same wet food every night because it's what he tolerates with allergies, but it's a different brand than the dry food. Ramsay gets a different wet from Gus because he's picky, but he eats the same thing every night (again, different brand from the dry). Finn either shares the can with Gus or with Ramsay so he gets more variety.
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I feed the same dry - Now! grain-free Turkey and Duck and occasionally, with their "McDonalds" - Hills' T/D - a few kibbles once a week.

For one cat, I feed Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea or Duck and Green Pea for a bit of variety but he cannot take too much variety.

for my other cat, I feed various flavours - Nature's Variety Homestyle stews in beef & liver, Duck, Lamb, and Turkey and occasionally the Seafood Stew or Ocean fish stew and Instinct grain-free canned in Rabbit, Duck and Lamb.
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I mix a few dry foods due to a variety or health needs & dental needs. I also rotate wet food (amongst several brands/flavors), and they are served 2 different textures with each meal because I have some who only eat gravy & some who can only eat pate.
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One dry, I rotate a few wets.
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I feed mainly canned, different brands/flavors daily and a little Eagle Pack Holistic dry at night.
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I mix a couple of kinds of dry food. Everyone seems to get something they like that way.

For canned food we use the same brand, but it has LOTS of different flavors. Sometimes to shake it up I'll get pouches. Nabu demands a different flavor and texture for each meal. Something in gravy for breakfast, pate style for dinner, and never the same type (i.e. chicken, fish, etc) at 2 consecutive meals. He's very demanding.
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The fosters get Authority dry - mostly the sensitive solutions formula but lately I have been mixing the chicken and rice back in.

They eat all kinds of wet from Meow Mix cups to higher end foods like Wellness, Natural Balance, Tiki Cat. I have become very picky about what I give them. And a couple of them have become very pick about what they eat! They also LOVE Purina Pro Plan Sardines n Tuna in Aspic. Love it. Love it. Prowler begs for the sardine food! ( I won't feed the other PP b/c it's loaded with wheat gluten etc.) At that pricepoint I think I can do better.

With 7 mouths to feed and no support from any rescues, I have to be careful with my wet food budget.
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I voted multiple types. Both kitties get a mixture of raw chicken and canned Wellness. Hannah gets Wellness CORE or TOTW dry, about 1/8 C daily. Callie, my kidney girl, gets prescription dry throughout the day (about 1/2 C daily).
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I just recently started adding TOTW and the kitties went nuts for it but its also mixed with Purina Indoor cat food just to give them their junk food fix. Im cutting back on their treats because Fatman and Herc are getting pretty porky now so the only junk they are getting is the Purina.
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"One brand of food?

One type of food?

Is the food sourced from or by the same manufacture?"

I use 3 brands of food here, although i actually have 5 different kibbles out..

For dry i use healthwise and california naturals which is by the same company, natura.

I also use chicken soup, adult & kitten as well as kirkland dry, again all of these are made by the same company diamond feeds.

Finally for wet, i use friskies which is by purina.

Obviously, i combo feed.. wet & dry.
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I have a house cat breeding females, weeks before it was born more children 3 cats, they look really lovely. And i accept with information: Gus gets the same wet food every night because it's what he tolerates with allergies, but it's a different brand than the dry food. Ramsay gets a different wet from Gus because he's picky, but he eats the same thing every night.
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if feed multiple brands of dry food(whatevers on sale at my pet store, Which sells ONLY holistic/all natural/low carb brands) and raw chicken and beef twice a week.
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Mine eat wet only - usually Wellness chicken or turkey unless I'm broke and they eat stuff from the grocery store for a day or two each month

My cats will eat ANY wet- pate, chunks, any flavor- they like it.
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