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Godspeed, Cuddles the Kitten (murdered)

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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little trusting baby boy...You are safe now
I am so sad that your trust in humans was so cruelly betrayed--please greet my RB babies for me. May the angels treat you to those happy times that you were cheated of while down here on earth
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The ONLY two saving graces in this story is that 1) Cuddles was rescued and hopefully received some love before passing and 2) SOMEONE came forward to report this "person."

Rest in peace, Cuddles. I only hope you are in a better place now.
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You are not forgotten Cuddles.
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Can his punishment be having rocks thrown on him and being set on fire? Poor kitten! .
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, Cuddles. I hope the monster who did it gets what he deserves.
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RIP poor Cuddles....
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The more people I hear about, the more I like my cats.

Play on at the Bridge, Cuddles
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Your safe and well again at the bridge Cuddles

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What is wrong with people?! I think that whatever is done to an animal should be the punishment for the human. I wish someone would set him on fire! One less moron in the world!
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I`m not even going to click on that

Rest in peace little baby. No one can ever hurt you again
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Rest in peace sweet baby and know that you were loved
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Rest in Peace Cuddles.
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