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Are you curious to see Bulgaria through the eyes of an American

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If you are curious to learn something about the place I live in you migh check this out:
You'll see a link to Sofia (that's where I live, it's teh capital city) and the Rila Monastery.
Enjoy! And I'll be glad if I learn what you think about it
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I enjoyed the pics very much. It looks like a very interesting place to live. What a great experience to travel like that.It must be interesting to get to know other cultures.You have some great painting material as well in those pics.
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I didn't have time to read the man's article, but I did go through the pictures. How beautiful your home city is!
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What a great website you have created! You are a great photographer too!!! Thanks for sharing that with us. Where are you originally from and where do you want to go next? I have been twice to Europe: once for a week travelling Germany (when there was still a wall separating East from West) and then a month travelling all over. I loved it. Where was your favorite place? Mine was Rhotonborg(sp) Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; and Seefeld, Austria. I like the more serene places near the Alps but I did love London too. You made me want to go back now! I have travelled more in Europe than I have in the US!!!
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hey, hey, hey there seems to be a misunderstanding here
This website was not created by me, it's just something I came upon and decided that it was worth sharing with you. This guy Jon I think he became a member of the cat site but I also wish I had travelled as extensively as he has. Actually I've only been to very few places in Europe, let alone the U.S.(I've never set foot there although some fo my closest friends have gone to live there).
Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish you could come and see other places in Bulgaria too, there are a lot of amazing sites. This summer I plan to go ona trip around Bulgaria and I promise to get some photos posted once I get back
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I love the photographs and brief descriptions of both Sofia and the Rila monastery! I'd love to see those places in person, but there's no way I'll ever be able to again afford "foreign" travel.

I'm struck by the dignified beauty exemplified by the old-style architecture in Sofia. Every building is a character all its own!

The Rila monastery is incredibly fascinating to view. And its natural setting is beautiful! I'm going back to read more about both your city and the monastery. (I once lived in a monastery.)

I'm wondering, particularly, about the public sculpture below. What can you tell me about it?

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This is actually a fountain but I have never seen it working :laughing: :laughing2:
I'm glad you like it
I'll try and dig some pictures of my home town if you're interested.
it's much more beautiful than Sofia.
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Ah, yes! We, too, have a few such fountains here at Portland — the kind that never work! Well, it looks interesting nonetheless.

I'd love to see your photographs (or anyone's) of your home town. Thank you for taking the trouble!

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Am I stupid indeed!!!!
Mr. Cat I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Hope you had a great time!!!!
Here are some pictures of my home town - it's on the river DAnube and is 1900 (can you believe this?!?!?!?!) years old.
There it goes:
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the centre of the town once again
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this is a wonderful place with rock churches just outside the town. there are some rock monasteries there, which are said to have put the beginning of Bulgarian REnnaissance in the 12th century
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Thank you for your very kind birthday greetings, the first I've ever received from Bulgaria! That, in itself, is a nice present.

The center of your home town looks quite beautiful. And that fountain, unlike the non-working one we talked about before, is spectacular. It must be quite soothing to be there listening to the water!

Now, that rock church is totally amazing! My goodness, what dedication and hard work (not to mention inspiration) must have gone into such an endeavor. I'd like to know more about that structure. Can you recommend any web sites which might describe it?

Thanks a bunch for posting these photographs! I know everyone here will find them quite interesting.

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I would really one day like to see Europe. I want to visit London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, the Alps, and Austria. One day, I will try to post pictures of my home town and the beaches of mexico. The best beach in mexico is Cancun. They have Mayan ruins. You can still see Maya Indians living around the Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala. Go to Cozumel and Islas de Las Mujers(Island of the Women.)and some other great sites.
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I did misunderstand and think it was your site. I am glad you came across it though. There are some great pictures. Those are wonderful pictures above that you shared. Your home country is very beautiful!!!!!! It makes me want to travel again!
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Well, there is a site that contains some information about my home town and Mr. Cat I guess there's some information about the monastery too at the Roussenski Lom NAtional Park/history
I'm so glad you've enjoyed it and really wish I could take you around here in person
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Thanks for all the information! Yes, your home town and your country seem fascinating places! Oh, I'd love to visit. Well, strange things happen and maybe one day I'll come into some money (though just how that might occur escapes me just now).

Thank you, again, for the tour and the good web-site references for future perusal!

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