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I can't believe this and any advice?

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I feel so bad for my older sister....

She is an animal lover and for a time worked as a Vet tech and even started to go to school to be a vet (but changed her mind) but still loves animals and she trains dogs and stuff...

Anyway she has 3 dogs but her favorite animals are birds. WHen she was younger (in her teens) and still living at home she worked hard and saved up to buy an African Grey parrot. She loved this bird and it was part of her life for as long as any of us can remember. She taught him to talk and he sang and he even stilled called out the names of our long gone childhood cat and dog. He was a really special bird. (she never did forgive me for teaching him to sing Staying Alive while she was away on her honeymoon because he sang it all the time and it always got stuck in her head)

Anyway she came home from work the other day to find that he let himself out of his cage...and was torn apart by the dogs. My sister walked into her living room and saw feathers and the mauled body of her beloved parrot laying in the middle of the room. Needless to say she is devistated, not just that he is gone but also the manner in which he was killed. My heart sank when I heard (my mom called me at work to let me know) and I was just wondering is there anyway I can somehow comfort my sister? I am going to help her pick out a new parrot on Monday. But she is still really upset, so is there any thing I can do? (this is the first animal in our family that was killed instead of passing peacefully in old age)
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OHHH dear - what a tragic shock! I would just be there for her and let her cry on your shoulder. But, personally, I would not rush out to get another bird - she's had the bird a long time (from your story) and she needs time to mourn the loss and then think about whether or not she wants to bring in another bird.

If the dogs killed this one, I'd be very leary of bringing in a new parrot.
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How horrific for her! That will haunt her for some time. I'm really sorry.

I know she wants a new bird - but maybe the best thing for her would be talking her out of it?

Of if the new parrot can be kept in a room with a closed door when she's not home - perhaps instead of buying a parrot she can rescue one? Maybe it would make her feel better to rescue one in need. They live such long lives (usually) that many wind up homeless because people in the family or friends don't want them when their owner passes on.
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I'm soo sorry to hear about the parrot's tragic end Poor little bird. Hopefully the new parrot will ease your sister's grieving a little bit. (She could also do a cute little remembrance scrapbook for him if she has pictures/favorite toys/ help her remember him by.)

I hope that she takes precautions so that her dogs can not get to any other animals she brings in. I'm sure she must be upset with the dogs right now, but honestly they just did what came natural to them...dogs are natural predators when it comes to birds..and if the poor bird let itself out of the cage, i'm sure it was just too tempting for the dogs to resist. To err on the side of caution in the future so that nothing like this happens again I'd suggest she eithor crate them when she is away, put them in doggy day care, or put them in a room with a shut door just to be on the safe side. I would also make sure she finds a way to secure the bird cage so any future birds can not open the door. ( I'd also elevate it out of the reach of the dogs)
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Oh I know how your sister feels! That's terrible!
I had a rabbit that I only had a few months but I loved him SO much and I still do. He died of a heart attack when he was stung by a wasp while playing outside. He died in my arms... it was the saddest moment of my life. The next day, I went and got another rabbit thinking it would help heal the hurt. I wish I hadn't... I kept comparing this rabbit to my first one, and it just wasn't the same. So my new rabbit went to my sister and is being thoroughly spoiled... but I don't feel ready for a new pet. I miss my first rabbit SO much and even though it's months later I still cry when I think about him. Maybe you're sister is different and maybe a new parrot might help her. But maybe she should wait a couple weeks to see if she's ready... I'm really sorry about that.
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Oh my lord, what a terrible thing to come home to!! This has to be hard on your whole family, but my heart goes out to your sister. Dogs can do that (I have 4, and I've seen the "pack"'s like they don't think). I don't know if there's any advise to give you except be there for your sister. Losing a beloved pet is never easy, especially this way. Make sure she is ready to get another bird and love it for who it is, not as a replacement for the other bird.

I would have LOVED to hear it sing "Staying Alive" (yeah, I can understand why your sister was mad at you because now I have that going though my head too!!)
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Oh my gosh, how horrible! I am crying while I write this.
for your sister to recover from this, I cant even imagine how that must have been.
My advice to her, do not get another bird. The dogs showed their skill at hunting, and unless she is ready to part with them for a new parrot, it will not end well. For any of the pets.
Parrots also do not do well being in seperate rooms from the activity of the house, they are people pets. If she got another and kept it seprate from the dogs it would bond to only her, and be pretty miserable when she was not around. Isolatation to a parot=violent bird.
More vibes for your sister
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OMG! I'm so sorry for your sister!!!! Give her a hug for me!
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Holly I´m spechless..-... I´m so sorry so why happen this,.,...
my prayers for your sister...
My advice confort at your sister with a big hug and let she tell you what she wants...
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How shocking and awful! My friend's bird also met a terrible fate - she got another one after crying for a week - she says that the new bird "isn't the same, but it will be okay." to your sister. I feel so bad for her.
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thank you all for your support!

My sister was very touched when I told her about you all. After much thought she has decided that it is best if she just waits. Heal from this and she said she needs to rethink having a bird after what happened with the dogs.
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Oh my, I can't imagine. I feel heartbroken for her just thinking about it

RIP sweet parrot
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I think that is the wise decision. I still can't imagine her horror and grief - she really does need some time to heal first.
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