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Chicken Wings

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As you know, we have started to feed some raw with the dry and canned foods. Has made a major difference in muscle and coat in all 3 cats.

I just picked up chicken wings this time and did cut them into 3 pieces (one apiece) to see what they would do.

Jack was in the bathroom eating his on the rug; Charlie on the kitchen floor, and Ling dragged her's to the carpet.

I think when I give them the entire wing again, I'll have to put Ling downstairs on the counter and hope she stays there.

When you guys feed the chicken wings where are they fed and do they manage to eat all of it? Even if it has a little larger bone? Or do they leave the larger bones and do you just toss them?
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I feed chicken wings to my barn cats. They are very good at finishing whatever I feed them but are not to good at staying in one spot They LOVE it when I will throw the wings (or any other meat) onto the towel in the strawmow so that they can catch it and run off with it; makes them think that it is even better since they "killed" it.
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That's what I was guessing - its kinda like a "prey" thing
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Mine will stay in the kitchen, I used to just bring them and the meat back if they left the room now they just stay there.

Mine will eat the whole thing, but they've been fed raw from the very beginning so are quite used to bones.
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