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Aggression Problem

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I have three cats in my household. There is Mikey who is seven, Jack who is four and Autumn who is two and a half. The older two are boys and Autumn is the only girl. All three have been fixed.

Jack has always been the dominant male, Mikey is laid back and Autumn was somewhere in between. They all got along really well until around the time Autumn turned two. Then things changed between Jack and Autumn. We would hear Autumn screaming out as Jack pounced her "like a puma". It became so bad that we had to seperate them.

We believed that the problem was with Jack since he was the one pouncing. It was unlike him to be so violent with anyone. But now we have discovered the problem is with Autumn. She goes up to Jack and hisses, taunts him until he attacks her and teases him. We have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it.

We love both of our cats and do not want to give one of them away. But it is unfair to have them splitting time between being out in the house and being in a bedroom. How do I get my peaceful and happy cat family back?

I have read articles, spoken to my vet, read posts and can find nothing that fits this problem! Help!
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Have Jack and Autumn been checked by the vet for any health issues. Many say a behavior change is the first sign of a health problem.

Have you tried Feliway and Rescue Remedy? Might be worth a go.

After that, could you try re-introducing them following the suggestions in the "sticky" above?

Maybe others will have more suggestions.
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It could just be a dominance thing. Autumn is now a teenager. She's testing herself if she can be the top cat. Jack's response is quite normal. Without your interference they'll settle it among themselves.
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Can you send a video of what they're doing? Two of my boys do the same thing. It sounds terrible but they're not actually hurting each other. Could that be the case here?
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