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Black cats and Halloween

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Tis the season for everyone who has a black kitty to keep them safe.
If your cat is outdoor/ indoor, keep them in. If your indoor black cat likes to look out the window, a front view one, block it, just for now. They will be mad at you, but their saftey is what is important.
It is so sad that this has to be done, but it has to be done.
Do not EVER take your cat, of any color, out with you as part of your costume, no matter how nice your cat is, there is a sicko out there that will steal it.
Halloween is a fun time for humans, not so much for felines, Please all keep your cats safe!
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This is just one of the many reasons I will never allow my cats outside. Sick people in this world just make me want to cry...
I have Neffie (a black cat) and I worry every Halloween even though we are home most nights now and we live in a good neighborhood. You just never know from what rock sick and demented people will crawl out from under. If anything happened to ANY of my animals, I'd never forgive myself...
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I always keep my in/out cat in during Halloween, July 4 and New Years, and always at night. I don't think she will ever adjust to being in all the time, but we try to keep her as safe as we can. Fortunately she stays pretty close to home.

The Squeak kitty is indoor only.
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