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Local multiple cat poisoning

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A newspaper article I saw yesterday said that over the summer a dozen cats have been deliberately poisoned in our local town (well, a large village with four shops and a post office). It is only 3 miles away from where I live, where some of you may remember that 6 cats were poisoned three years ago this month, among them my beloved Napoleon. It seems a strange coincidence, and I don't believe in coincidence. Several months after Napoleon died, a woman who was moving away from our hamlet more or less confessed that she was responsible, but no action was ever taken. I don't know where she went, but she was forced to move because of a divorce, and I know she worked fairly locally. So I am going to talk to the woman mentioned in the article, whose cat was a lucky survivor of the latest incidents, and without mentioning names, see if there are aspects of the two cases in common. Then I may go to the police.
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That's very sad ... I'm sorry about Napoleon. Here we have had people throwing cats and kittens out of moving cars on the Expressway. One cat survived, the others not so lucky...if you can call it luck to survive something so horrible. The is a $25,000 US dollars reward for any information, but so far no takers. It's just awful what humans are capable of doing.
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Oh Jenny.... how horrible! I never realized someone basically confessed. Is she not stable mentally - or a cat hater - or trying to kill rodents? I wonder why no action was taken.

It was all just - so shocking - awful - and so sad.


Throwing cats out of moving cars on the expressway? Seriously - what is wrong with people?
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Bless you for having the courage to go forward in this crime
I have been told that 16 cats have been poisoned in the feral cat colony that a friend of mine is feeding. The poisoner apparently lives in a trailer park adjacent to Dennys and the neighbors are terrified of retaliation
I am seriously tempted to put up a sign that I won't bother going to the authorities, but I will make arrangements to have a black candle burned for the poisoner instead Only my Christian faith has held me back on that one....
Sending mega prayers and vibes for protection for the precious kitties in your area
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I can't express the contempt I feel for such people in a public forum.
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How awful! Im sorry about your dear Napolean. I hope this sicko can be caught before any more cats have to suffer
Last winter we had a cat come into the shelter who was found by a woman walking her dog on a wooded trail, the dog found him actually. He was zipped up in a duffel bag and left there to die. He was in rough shape, but he made it and he was the sweetest cat ever, and got adopted to a wonderful family. We named him Duffy and I swear he never stopped purring from the moment he came out of that bag I still just cant imagine the kind of person who could do that to such a loving, beautiful creauture
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Jenny I'm just seeing this now. That's so awful, and I can't tell you what I think of the person responsible.
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