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Question of the Day Oct 1oth

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The question for today is:

What was the name of your first pet?

My first pet was a little terrier named Rusty because he had brown eyebrow. He was a gift to me on my 5th birthday from my brother.
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It was a CAT same colours of Catulina a male, and his name was:

Chivigon!......I miss him so much!..
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Ummmm Mush-aringam-durhamdi-whathothedairie-o

We called him Musy or Mushy for shortI can't remember the meaning behind why my dad named him that but he was a German Shephard

And we had a cat named Patches
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A beagle my grandfather bought ne for me 5th B-day named tiny..
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I'll have to ask my mother and get back to you.
My first pet was a red longhaired miniature dacshund, just barely a US citizen, he was born just a few days after is mother was imported from Germany and his registered name was German.

I know we called him Bergie though.

ETA: Talked to Mom, his AKC name was Hans Bergermeister the Third
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Well the first animal I ever knew was Misty, the family dog who was there before me. A scruffy looking gold sort of colored mutt. She hated everyone except my dad, but saved my life when I was just a teeny baby. I was choking to death on spit up milk that got lodged in my throat, I could not make any noise, and was turning blue. (Of course I got all this info second hand, I have no memory of it) She woke my parents up by barking at them, then barking some more, then grabbing at their arms to get them out of bed and whining, running toward the nursery. I owe my life to that crabby scruffy mutt!
When she passed I was completly heart broken. A few months later, a little after Easter, I think I was about 9yrs old, I got my first "My" doggie. A malamute shepard mix who looked like a baby wolf with silly crooked ears, my parents got her from a shelter. I remember it was Easter because when my folks supprised me with her she stole my stuffed Easter bunny out of my arms and ran across the living room with it! It was bigger than her! I named her Venus, after the Goddess of love.
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my first pet at home was a rabbit called smokey i was really young after he went i didnt have any more pets untill blaine and i got smirnoff the russian dwarf hamster hehe he was 3 when he died
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First pet I can clearly remember is Tom Tinker, a gray tabby DSH. He saved our lives one winter night.
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My brother and sister had two cats named Blackie and Prissy. I didn't get one because i was too young yet. The first family dog was Kona, a medium/small black shaggy mutt. She was an awesome dog.

The first pet to really call my own was Christy. She was from a neighbor's litter, grey and white Tux/bi color. She was the most ... ahem ... spirited ... of the litter. When the kittens were old enough, my sister was able to go pick her kitten, Lucy, up from them, but Christy kept bolting across the garage. They dropped her off the next morning. I was still asleep and they snuck into my room and plunked her on my bed. She came up and put her little wet nose to mine and woke me up. the wet part was all grey, but the furry part of her nose was exactly half white and half grey. That's why I picked her.

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Our family had a goldfish named Champ. He lived a long life.
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A little white lamb I called Snowflake. He followed me everywhere. I bottlefed him because his mom rejected him.
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we always had cats and dogs growing up, as well as other assorted critters, but the first cat that was mine was Stoney. She was white with gray splotches that looked like.....stones
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hmmmm. Misty was my first dog, RIP sweetie....she got hit by a car when she had gotten out of her pen and we weren't home....idiots always sped down the dirt road

I had barn kitties, but I can't for the life of me, remember their names.
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My "big brother" growing up was Sabre, a GS/collie mix. He was 3 years older than me and saved me from many spankings! He also answered to "Fido-Henry" but only from my dad.

I did get goldfish when I was little. I had Goldie and Popeye (black mollie? Is that what they are called?) They actually lived for 2 years in a regular tank...I was impressed.

The first cat I ever owned was Jasper. He was a sweetie, black and white..looked like a cow. He ended up being hit by a car at age 3. Lord, I miss him. I still dream about him. He was my first "real" pet.
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My first pet was a cocker spaniel named Mickey. I got him for my 5th birthday
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This gray, long-haired kitty. I made him follow me home from a vacant lot next to our house. It was the classic, "Mom! He followed me home! Can I keep him?" And we did. I think we named him Fluffy. I can't remember. Either that or just "Kitty".

Then we got our dachshund, a black and tan that we named Fritz. Mom and Dad didn't think the dog and cat could live together, so we had relatives on a farm and they happily took the cat - who lived a long life on the farm.

Fritz also lived a long life. He died at 17. Mom had to call me in NYC to tell me he had died. It was very sad. He was a great dog. I've loved dachshunds ever since.
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My first kitty I barely remember, but his name was Paws. He was a black polydactyl hence the name Paws.

The one that was all mine was named Tarzan. I got him when I was in the 2nd grade. He got his name because as a kitten, he would run across the floor and take a flying leap at the curtains and swing! He went over the RB at age 15 or 16 when a big dog came in our yard and attacked him. He was too fat to run away! I was already married by that time. He was a good cat!
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Jacque....aka....the french toy poodle from hell!!! He was the meanest dog i've ever been around He passed on at 13 yr....he was in kidney failure so we had him pts.
I don't know why he was soo mean, he was never mistreated, but the little rascle was a terror! Funny thing is that every other poodle i've come across has been sweet....go figure

Luckily however I lived on a farm for a bit when I was little too and was exposed to plenty of sweet animals that I loved dearly. I've had numerous pets since then too so thankfully one rotten tempered dog didn't ruin it for me.
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A black and white cat, but mainly black who was called "Blackie"
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I grew up with my aunt's dogs, the first of whom (that I remember) was a wirehaired terrier named MacGregor. He was a great, fun little guy.

The first pet who was my own, was Chinook, a little black SPCA rescue, who died in my arms five days after I got her, for which I blame the vet who really couldn't spare much time or attention for a lowly SPCA kitty. Maybe she would have died anyway, who knows, but his attitude stunk, and I didn't have the sense to take her somewhere else. Sorry, sweetie.

Needless to say, when Shasta came into my life a few months later, I did take her somewhere else. And, as they say, the rest is history. Shasta taught me about kitties.
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An orange male cat who went by the name of Paul Ralph Tom Jones What's New Pussycat McCatney. LOL.
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Only family dogs. Pavie - a big, red, Irish Setter mutt with something was there before I was. When she passed, my parents bought a Welsh Terrier, Kyffin (felt a Welsh name appropriate. ).

I had goldfish and gerbils - but they didn't have names. They were goldfish and gerbils - though that fish lived a long time. I won it at a fair when I was in 5th grade - so - what - 10? 11? ... and my parents took care of him when I left for college - he lived until my 3rd year - so I would have been - 19? 20?

Then.... the kitties. Gary and I rescued/adopted our first pet pet kitty - Lazlo - in 2002. Though really, Booger started it all in 2001.
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We had a Black Lab Chester and a White Exotic, Lolly!
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