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Looking at Cedar's pictures you can tell he loves you, look at those eyes and him in his ripped up box smiling at you..... RIP Cedar sweet boy......
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Oh Dan! I am just seeing this now...

I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Cedar

RIP sweet baby
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CEDAR: Sasha is waiting to welcome you now.

Namaste~ Danielle.
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I havent been in here since I posted this tribute. I just couldnt bear to read the replies but I truely thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful, wonderful words. I probably should lean on you all a bit more because I know you all can understand the love I have for my boy.

I am still struggling with the loss. I cant believe how much of a hole Cedar has left with me...

Its a few days late but I wanted to wish my Cedar....

A very Happy 6th Birthday

I thought of you all day, I sat with you for a while and chatted. I hope you could hear me. Jasmine talks of you almost daily. She really misses you.

we love you & miss you our gorgeous sweet boy
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thankyou Karen

I thought I would share the memorial stone I had made for my boy

I absolutely love it. It just fits perfectly in our garden and I plan to plant a beautiful tree for him once Spring hits towards the end of the year and make it a treasured part of our garden.

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What a lovely tribute Dan.
Always with you .... Cedar.
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Many , Dan.
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That is a beautiful memorial stone, Danielle. I got a little welled up when I saw that Jasmine talks to him almost every day. He is so loved.
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What a beautiful memorial stone. I am so sorry for your loss. When our Max died in 2005, my hubby poured a concrete stone and engraved it with his name, birthdate and deathdate. He plans to do to the same for Speedboat when the weather warms some. Rest in peace Cedar. You are loved. Hugs and peace to you in the loss of your precious boy.
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I'm crying all over again - I can't imagine how you're feeling.

It's a beautiful memorial, and I'm sure he hears you.

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That is beautiful. I have missed you posting.
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