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Blind Cat Advise?

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Hi everyone.

Well, my 17 year old Siamese has lost the sight in his one good eye. Now the poor boy is blind. He is still very healthy. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks!

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He has the advantage that he knows the house. I wouldn't change the furniture around or do anything else to confuse him. If he knows the layouts of the room he is farther ahead than most blind cats. The blindness does not diminish him at all, it just makes him all the more special and in need of your care.
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My sister use to have a cat that was born blind. His eyes were the bluest that I have ever seen! He had no trouble at all getting about. He followed the voices he recognized, so when she called him he came right to her - no problem. He played with his brothers and sisters all the time. You wouldn't have known he was blind by watching him. He was very happy. So just give your cat some time to get use to it, and I think he'll be okay. It's true, you do need to be careful about moving the furniture around. He might hurt himself. He doesn't need to be in an environment that he does not know. Just be sure to talk to him a lot so that he knows you are there.
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I just have to say I'm going through something similar my baby girl is 17 too & she has developed cataracs. She can see some motion, but she often has walk next to the wall to keep her bearings. She sees better in the day light than at night, but all in all she does fine not being able to see. She can find her food & water bowls. She has not gone outside of her box even once. In the mornings she will even get in the bed with me. I had to turn a laundry basket upside down next to the bed for her to be able to get in the bed but now I wake up with her sleeping right next to me every day. I agree that things should not be changed because he is aware of the current layout, and I think if his vision is the only problem he has at 17 your blessed because my baby has CRF & that is a battle no one should have to fight.
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