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Kitten with smelly gas and poo.

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Hello Everyone,

We adopted 2- 2 month old Kittens on 10/3 from an animal shelter.

Gracie May: (F) Had Penumonia and was on Orbax and Amox.

Dash: (M): URI and Clavamox

We purchased Iams kitten dry and wet food, to prepare for their arrival. At the shelter they were being feed Purina Kitten dry and Friskies wet regular adult food. We did not want to disrupt their diets, so we continued to feed them the Purina and Friskies. I noticed after about 3 days that Gracie May had terrible smelling gas and poo. She also received a dose of Revolution at the 2 day check up. Dash does not seem to have gas. They are all done with their meds. Except for the Lysine, which they suggested continuing.
At the check up Dash gained 4 oz. in a week and Gracie had lost 3 oz. The vet at the shelter said not to worry since it was a different scale. They are not scheduled to see our regualr vet until the 20th, but should I take them just in case?

1. Should I change the food? If so what to?

2. Could this problem be from the Revolution?

My previous cats were very old when they past so it has been 18 1/2 years since I have had kittens, I do not remember gas to be a problem. I feel like such a new moewme.

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One of my indoor-strays had developed bad gas, and a day or so later he turned up with worms. I'm not sure of your timeline and how it squares the gas with the Revolution application, but perhaps the Revolution hadn't kicked in yet?
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Your kittens should definitely be dewormed, but often problems like that stem from antibiotics and/or food change.

You can give the kittens some probiotic to help restore the healthy flora of their tummies and intestines.

Benebac, probios, and forti flora are the most common and all are very good. benebac and probios come in gel form (labeled for large animal but just give a pea sized drop of it daily) or powder form and can be found in pet supply stores.

fortiflora, made by Purina is a powder that you can get through the vet. Most cats love it, just sprinkled over their food.

be sure to let the vet know what's going on though, the vet may want to change the antibiotic.
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It is probably them being stressed from changing enviroments and also their food change. I would take them to a vet to be checked out and monitor them
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