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DT for Monday ( Sunday for some)

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Hi, It's Monday here in NZ & Oz, and Sonday for rest of ya'll

What's everyone doing today?

I'm just making a few last posts and then heading off for college.

I hope that everyone has a truly fantastic day

Love to All.

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WOW, I haven't seen a DT in ages! I've been running to keep up on schoolwork lately. Finals are next week. So far, looks like I've got straight A's at school, we'll see what happens after the Final on Tuesday, and the oral presentation on thursday.

I'm taking a break today and reading Harry Potter. I got it about 8pm last night, but had to go to sleep at 2 this morning, I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Ahh, well. Anyone else in the US somehow end up with the UK version?
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With a litle time out, for food, I've been reading all day and finished about 1/2 hour ago.

I DID make a cigarette run and stopped in at a little boutique, next to the tobacco store. They were having this fantastic sale and I DO need a few more shirts, for work. Got two really cute ones, for $5.00 each. They had this really cute red jersey dress, with an asymmetrical hem, spaghetti straps and a ruffled princess neckline. At $7.99, I would have been crazy, to pass it up! It is just the thing, to wear to dinner, on our anniversary and (wonder of wonders!) I already have shoes to go with it. I won't need to buy a new pair (DARN!)

Bill is cooking dinner so, the rest of my day is going to be leisurely. This is the last time that we'll have dinner together, until next weekend. I have to work until 7:00, every day this week.
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Yeah Marcy! That's why I posted a DT because I haven't seen one for AGES and I was wondering what everyone was doing. Obviousely because it was the weekend people were out having a life unlike me ..LOL, Or people don't have the internet at home and just at work.

If someone hasn't posted one tomorrow I might post one.

Wow Marcy! It sounds as though you are doing good stuff in your school work , Keep it up!!!!!!. I brought Harry Potter today and I have around 700 more pages to read , I left this site about an hour ago and after reading abit I had to come back and see if anyone has posted anything, Sadly no

That's a good bargain Cindy two tops for 10.00 , They all sound really beautiful , I hope Bill cooked you a nice dinner !

I had a good day at college.

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