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Cats modeling human clothing - cute or creepy??

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I thought that self-respecting cats allowed only children to dress them up like dolls. What do you think? What do your cats think?
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I guess I look at it like the "painted cats" or "circus cats". Some cats enjoy it, they like being fussed on like that and as long as none are harmed in the process then I sure don't have a problem with it. We've had a few kitties on TCS who like being dressed up and photographed. The cats in those photos don't look at all distressed or bothered by the clothes.

My own cats? I'd likely lose a hand if I tried to dress any of the girls. Trent would likely let himself be dressed, but would either play "ded kitteh" or jump around like his tail was on fire once it was on (he had both reactions at different times with a harness when we tried that - the only two times we tried it). The skirts really wouldn't be his style anyway.
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The second picture looks neat, but the other two look stupid - the dresses, not the cats. If you're going to make an effort to put a dress on a cat for a nice picture, make sure it doesn't look like a shapeless sack unless you're going for the "kitty maternity wear" look (third pic). Of course the dress the woman is wearing next to it isn't any better...

I dressed up kitties when I was little, I even had one cat that rather enjoyed it. He also enjoyed me making little beds for him and being fussed over... and sneaking him my dinner. That was probably his favorite part.

If the cats don't mind, who cares? It's not like they're being left in the clothing, it's only for pictures. I've put hats on mine for pictures, I get a grumpy look out of them but they honestly don't mind it any more than nail trimming.

People dress their Sphynx to help them keep warm - I'm sure those kitties even grow to enjoy it a lot.
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The first and the last look photo edited.

But that second one looks seriously P.O.ed

It is a cute idea but I don't think it will take off considering how many cats enjoy being left alone.
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I don't like cats or dogs being dressed up, unless of course it's a jumper on a nudie cat or dog that would be cold otherwise.
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Yeah, I could just see me dressing up my cats. Can we say ER visit?? Although when Little One was actually little, she LOVED to wear my hair scrunchies around her neck. I would put one on her and she would strut around like she was all that and a bag of chips! There were a few I never got back though....

I figure as long as the cat isn't stressed and its just for the photo op then it's fine.

Now, my dogs are a different story. Buttercup HAS to wear a little sweater to keep warm outside in the winter. We got a little "santa" outfit for Snickers one Christmas and got was cute. She thought the hat was her new toy.
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I don't think much to those outfits! I wouldn't dress any of my cats, I like them the way they are, my dog has a coat for very cold weather. I remember dressing my Nan's poor spaniel in a tutu when I was little... poor boy :P.
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My opinion is that putting clothes on cats, unless it is a sweater for necessary warmth, is a needless, mean and foolish way to satisfy a human's vanity over his or her cat.

Not only that, it can be dangerous if the cat is not watched closely and/or struggles against being dressed up. If kitty gets away or is forgotten, and goes outside, she could get hung up, fair game to predators, abusers, or simply being strangled, or starving to death. Inside dangers are there too, again in the form of strangling, or some other way of being hurt, while dressed in clothes.

I'm sure people who indulge in this practice will protest that they watch their cats very carefully, never leave them alone dressed, and the cat enjoys it. It's the ones who DON'T, that I worry about.

And there are plenty of other ways to bond with your cat, that the cat will enjoy, without sacrificing kitty's dignity. I don't think any cat (or dog for that matter) looks "cute" in human clothing except, as already stated for necessary warmth reasons.

In short: I hate it.
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My girls would probably HATE it! Every cat that I have done that to would just lay there looking PO'd.

They could have at least put a baby dress on them instead of that shapeless thing they put on them!
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I normally don't agree with really dressing up cats as most of them hate it; but these pictures are kinda cute.

Takes a certain type of cat (personality) to tolerate wearing clothes. The best ones are Sphynx - I think they really do like having a "coat".
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
I don't like cats or dogs being dressed up, unless of course it's a jumper on a nudie cat or dog that would be cold otherwise.
Exactly my feelings.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
Exactly my feelings.
Mine as well. I make the exception to kids dressing them up, although my girls were taught to respect the pets, some kits would scramble among the Barbie clothes and if something got on their back, they'd walk about so proudly
My RB rescue, Miss Tobie LOVED getting new collars My daughter put a bell on her & she'd shake her bell, then wave her tail up in the air and and pose, purring loudly all the time
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It doesn't bother me personally - I have dressed up cats from time to time. Not recently, mind.

I don't think those photos are edited though.
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I guess I don't subscribe to the notion that just because your cat isn't trying to claw your head off, that it necessarily likes what you're doing (e.g., dressing it up).

I feel bad enough that my indoor-only kitties don't get to experience the outdoors, even though I know it's what's best for them. To put them through something that's neither natural nor beneficial for them, and is strictly for human consumption, just seems exploitive.
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I have no problem with it as long as the cat has no problem with it. My boys personally won't even wear a collar, but I've had cats in the past that didn't mind dress up
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