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oh a deer in headlights....

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or my
I made him stand in front of the jersey's so I could check my camera settings because I was taking the headshots for the local jr league hockey team that I take photos for..
and this is the result...
I think I need to get a card with numbers and paste it into the photo and put a frame around it saying..most wanted?
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Does kinda look like America's Most Wanted from the pose
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I start to listen the song:
Bad, boys, bad boys, bad boys, what you goona do when they come for you!...
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Ohhh I have the EXACT same problem! I think I may be marrying a pro at mugshots also....

I have another where his eyes are bloodshot and he looks like druggie being taken into custody

MENWhy can't they just smile
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you just need to have him turn his head for the side view!
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Being married to a photographer makes you an instance, though reluctant, model.
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lol I agree men don't smile much...for photos ..he usually gives me some dumbass pose...
but this time he was just telling me hurry up and take the photo..too funny
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My boyfriend has done that in every picture with us. When he smiles, it looks timid and sheepish, as if he's guilty about something.

ZOMG! Got a cute picture of him the other day. I walked in to the bedroom and he was curled up under the covers, our cat Milo tucked in the crook of his arm and asleep too! Too bad it was on my phone, otherwise I'd post it. It's his best photo ever....

...and he was asleep. Hahaha
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