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Hello, newbie here

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Hello all. This is my first time here. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I just recently got a kitten who was 6 weeks old named Chewbacca aka Chewy for obvious reasons. You can't pick him up or hold him as he bites and claws. Then a couple weeks ago, his mother was given to me. Her name is Rosie. I would like to change her name. Any one know if this is ok? I don't think she really responds to her name. I have a almost 6 year old black pomeranian named Teako and an almost 6 year old long haired chihuahua named Bindi. Both of these are rescues. I am a widow for the last 5 years and retired last year. These are the only animals I have now but have had lots of different animals as I live on a farm and love to have all sorts. Sorry for rambling.
Teako, Bindi, Chewbacca, Rosie
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Hi Hermione.

Firstly, Welcome to the cat site!

Yes, It should be fine for you to change a kittens name, We have done before and they slowly get used to it.

It's quite a team you have got there. Look forward to chatting with you on the boards. Hugs to your furbabies!

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Welcome to the site! I agree, you can change her name. I know lots of people change names of cats that they adopt from a shelter, and many of these are older animals. She'll get used to it eventually.
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Welcome! This is a nice, relaxed, safe place to be! What a nice family you have there! Got pictures? We love pictures around here.

Tammie & Peaches

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hi there and welcome aboard, sounds like you have a nice group of fury friends, if you dont like the name im with the otheres its okay to change it, my sister did. hope you like it here, looking forward to getting to know you and your gang
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Thanks for the welcome. I have lots of pics and would love to post them for all to see. Unfortunately, they all seem to be too big. Any suggestions?
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Please take a look at the thread "How to Post Pictures" for pretty detailed instructions for resizing to attach them here or remote linking.
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Hi Welcome to the boards. Pictures please when you get this thing fiqured out. It took me a while to fiqure it out also
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Hi! I just wanted to welcome you to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Hey there!!!I am new as well and i hope to see ya around so more....later.....and wecome!
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I've changed Bobbie's name twice.
First it was just bobbie
Bobbie Two Toes (because she has two pink toes & the rest are all black)

Then i changed it to Bobbie Love

I think it's okay...
I find whenever i think about changing my cats name it's because the name just doesn't quite suit the cat....
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Hello and welcome, Hermoine!

i think you have such a unique user name. i really like it.

i LOVE dogs as well. My family always had dogs.

i had a Japanese Chin as companion whilst growing up, and she was with me for about 17 years. Karen Hemjoy was her name. Love her so much!

Smiles and cheers!
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Thank you Shirley. I am an avid Harry Potter fan. Can you tell?

I have had 60 years of dogs, cats, and a variety of other animals. Such as goats, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, emus to name a few.

Nancy :chicken:
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i LOVE and ADORE animals all my life!

When i was a kid, i thought all homes are like mine -- resembles a zoo... it was not until i visited a neighbor that i realized it was just my family who likes rearing pets, birds, fish, etc.. teehee!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the animal kingdom!

Harry Potter fan, eh? Did you buy the book that was newly released yet? i think i heard somewhere that a book is sold every 8 seconds? Am i hearing things???? Teehee!

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Yeessss, I just bought the audio book. Was very surprised to find it already. Figured I would have to wait a year....lol
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I got my babies back from the vet last nite, still pretty sluggish. This morning my little terror is a changed kitty...lol. He purred for the first time and sat on my lap and let me rub behind his ears for quite some time for him, prob 5 to 10 mins. They are both sleeping most of the time.
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