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Then and Now

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Sugar 7 weeks

Sugar 6 months

I think she's a beauty!
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I agree! I think she is a beauty too! What is even better is I think she will get even more pretty as she gets more mature. Around a year, year and a half is when most cats start to look like real adult cats. She will be absolutely gorgeous!
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Oh my - she's lovely. I love her colouring.
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Good name "Sugar" cause she's soooo sweet!
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Oh she's a little beauty!! I love her nose
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She's precious
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Look at the adorable nose!
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What a beauty!She looks very much like my Happy and Coco.
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She is SUCH a gorgeous little girl! She's got some growing to do to catch up to those ears!
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She's gorgeous!
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Her coloring is amazing!!! What a precious lump of sugar.
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What a sweetie, her name definately suits her I love her black nose.
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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Sugar is stunning!
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