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Where's the snooze on the kitty????

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Just have to share this funny story.

I must have been in a super deep sleep this morning. I'm also a "snoozer" with my alarm clock, I always hit snooze a couple-three times in the morning. Mojo also usually sleeps above my head on the pillows.

When the alarm went off this morning, Mojo actually woke up and stood up, right in front of the alarm clock. I was petting her and couldn't figure out why the snooze on the kitty wasn't working, and why the kitty was still making that awful noise! It didn't click that kitties don't have snooze buttons or make alarm clock noises until the alarm started beeping fast after 1 minute. Then I realized that it was the clock behind Mojo that was making the noice.

I think I should have just turned off the alarm and stayed in bed!
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Thank goodness it's friday!
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Ha! That's funny. It's weird how our brains make up other realities when we're still half asleep... At least you didn't smack the kitty!!
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LOL that's hilarious, I've had times where I've actually forgotten how to turn off my alarm clock (even though I've had it for years), and will actually try to unplug it before I fully realize what's going on (though that's really only happened on sleepless nights).

But, I don't even need an alarm clock anymore since my cats wake me up at 6 every morning to feed them . I can't decide which is more annoying, the loud beeping of an alarm clock or little paws walking all over my face and digging into my stomach
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I saw a number of alternate endings to that one as I read... "Mojo, get that for me, will ya?" was one of them.

...Heidi, now if you could just PUT a snooze button on Flowerbelle for me....
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Dusty is my alarm clock sometimes. Every morning after the alarm goes off at 6:30am, she is up on the bed for pettings. This being Saturday, I didn't set the alarm. At around 6:30, I feel a little paw with claws tapping me on the face! She was saying "get up and pet me mommy!" "Dusty, mommy wants to sleep in!!"

She has a habit of waking me at 3:30am too. Lately though, she just taps my face a couple of times, then snuggles down next to me with her head on my arm and falls asleep.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
I saw a number of alternate endings to that one as I read... "Mojo, get that for me, will ya?" was one of them.

...Heidi, now if you could just PUT a snooze button on Flowerbelle for me....
And while you are at it, please put a snooze button on a couple of mine.....

Early this morning, Muddy served as my alarm clock, and I finally forced him to lay next to me and go back to sleep. Then Scarlett showed up, irritated by the fact that Muddy was sleeping in her usual spot. So she whacked him, and when he jumped up to whack back, I had to hit snooze on both of them. I must have hit the off button, because 3 hours later I woke up to find both of them snuggled up against me.
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Morgan doesn't have a snooze button either.

This is why she and Taz are trained to go into the basement as night. It is all set up for them and rather than be a place of banishment, they seem eager to go to their "territory" at about 10:00 to 10:30 PM.

Anyway, 10 year old Morgan is brutal, if left upstairs.

All through the night, you get awakened by her jumping on the bed but not to settle. She "chirps" spins arround and gallops, noisily down the hall. You then hear another chirp, then mor galloping, this time incoming. She jumps up and repeats the process It is cute in one way but too tough on me due to sleep deprivation, especially at work, the next day.

This can go on for a very long time, our 10 year old, "old lady" thinks and acts like a kitten...........and she can nap when she gets tired, finally.

Kasey is much more sedate at night, prefering to sleep at my feet, "guarding" me all night, so she gets to stay upstairs. This separation at night from the others helps my routine to ensure she only has access to the much needed prescription diet food, while the other two can free feed on the Royal Canin Mature 27 at night.

O/T, I read Annie's story on "My Cats", mark me down as another compedative shooter (clay targets), who loves cats. Taz came from the club property, just across the road from us as a 12 week old kitten some individual had dumped off, as some ignorant people will do along country roads.
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Some nights, I get a 3am facial from Nacho . He has been sleeping near my side and underarm and will stretch his front paws out (he scratched me right above my lip last week too). I'll sometimes wake up and hear him purr as he rests his head under my chin.

My two usually wake up when I wake up in the morning; they never seem to bother going back to bed to cuddle with my boyfriend
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Thank goodness we never got in the habit of feeding them first thing in the morning, because these cats get pretty darn insistent when they want something. The only one who is anywhere near an alarm clock is Trent, and that's only if we sleep in WAY past when he thinks we should be up (seriously...if we're still in bed after noon on the weekends he starts "going off" and there is no snooze on Trent!)

Funny stories!
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