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New Simba pics

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Here are some new pics of Simba!

I like his expression here -- WILD man!

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awww! So is it going well now with all of you?
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Yes, thanks for asking. Kitty and Simba are getting along fine. Simba is definitely the Alpha cat! I wouldn't say Kitty loves Simba but he is pretty calm around him now. Simba is the instigator -- he will run up to Kitty and just bat him in the face and run!
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hee hee- a terrorizing kitten, what a concept! Glad it has all smoothed out now.
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Aw, what a cutie!!! I just love Simba's coloring.
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What a sweetie!
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Where does the hole in the wall lead too?

Cute kitty by the way
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The kitty hole in the wall is how the cats can get between our main floor and our basement.

One other funny thing about the two of them -- it's like a silent battle for the 'good bed'. We have two kitty beds in our family room and Simba seems to have gotten in the habit of sleeping in 'Kitty's' bed when it is available. Kitty will walk in the room and see this and just look at us. He will then begrudginly climb into the other bed. The other day Simba got out of the 'most wanted' bed and left the room and Kitty moved into it!!

Kitty was also grooming Simba today so I think that is a good sign of friendship between them.
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Oh, what lovely pix!!!! Thanks for sharing, Amy.

Simba is a total doll!

It is great that Simba and Kitty gets along. Venus and Daisy are pretty close-knitted. Isys, being new and pregnant, is pretty defensive, and does not like the white furbabies. So, for right now, i keep them apart.

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I love Simba pictures. I'm another fan of his color... I don't see many cats that have the same as him. And I think your kitty door leading to the basement is just too cool. I may have to swipe your idea for my own house one day.
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aww..he is precious!!!
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