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Cat/Human Ear infections: Apartment?

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Okay this is a good sign I am thinking too much but check this out:
1)20 month old has always battled right ear issues since the day I got him but its only 4 days ago he started twitching and scratching. Culture said no mites, bacterial I believe yesterday was the diagnosis, alot of dark material.
2) For the last year I have been battling a right ear issue. It burns and throbs, feels like hot dripping water. I went to a walk-in clinic once during the summer. I was given a week of meds to clear up infection but it never did. Since the doc said it wasnt to the point it was leaking it shouldnt be giving me that much of an issue so I just live with it acting up at times.

3) My 13 year old cat died last Oct(08) She was ill for years, dropped her weight in half, the last thing she did at the end was tilt her head and vomit white floamy material all over. I was never given a cause of death, assume kidneys at the end but the ears were clear.
Just one big coincidence? Tell me I am just being paranoid?

My Hud apartment complex is pretty nice but old, though I dont live in dump by any means. My A/C does blow onto our right side, its the only thing I can think of. Its two years old, has some little brown spots in the vents but everyone pretty much laughs and says spray some lysol in there when I ask if it could be mold.

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I think I'd be calling maintenance to come clean my vents! You could also install one of those Filtrete filters on your AC, if that's the kind of filter your AC has.

Sounds like your kitty could either have a persistent yeast infection in the ear or allergies. I can't help you with your ear problem, though.
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that could be black mold which is VERY BAD. I agree that maintenence should be called.

For kitty's ear were you given medication for it? Tresaderm ear drops is usually what's prescribed. I recommend a second opinion with another vet, if the ear wasn't not given treatment.

And for your ear a second opinion with a different doctor. No one should have to "live with" ear problems. It could affect your whole life! concentration, balance, sleep, all could be affected by that ear problem!

But, yes, that mold is bad news (as is having it blow on you all night, can you rearrange the furniture, or put something to deflect the flow at night? )
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