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Sad, angry and desperate..

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Long story, so I'll just try to make it short. My grandfather has a cat, black/brown mackerel tabby with white, she is called Vilma. The cat is approx.17 years old now. He and her ex-wife saved the cat years ago when a feral cat dumped her in their yard. The cat was around 1-2weeks old then and had to be bottle fed. I was staying with them for 2weeks on my summer vacation back then (I was propably 7) and that was the first time I saw how kittens that small are supposed to be handled and cared for. Vilma grew up, and every summer I spent few weeks with them and I adored the cat. She was a wild one, most people were afraid of her because she could get quite agressive sometimes and attacked easily when she was having a bad day. I was one of the few people she was nice to. She slept on my pillow or on my neck and that of course made me feel a bit special.
Skipping to the current situation: my grandpa is 80 and is in a hospital because of heart issues, his current 'girlfriend' hates that cat and asked my uncle to shoot the cat because she doesn't want to take care of her and the cat is 'old'! Well, my uncle didn't shoot Vilma, he took her home with him but his own cat hates Vilma and Vilma hates the other cat aswell.
I had a dream about this last month, sad coincidence.. I love that cat and I would take her in a heart beat if she was an indoor cat. But she has lived her whole life outside in country, she's very good hunter (that was her 'job') and has even killed adult rabbits and a baby fox..So it would be impossible to keep her in here, I live in a middle of a city in an apartment building.
My heart is breaking because I don't know what to do, I don't know anyone who could take the cat and I don't want her to be shot. Vilma was a huge part of my childhood, and I just feel so helpless.
Vibes would be appreciated at the moment..
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If it was my grandfathers cat, I would take her immediately. At her age, she is better off inside. She is too old to protect herself outside. Give her a nice warm home, good food and lots of love. I would be worried sick about her as I know you are. Don't think she cannot live inside. She might give you a bit of complaining for a while, but it certainly beats the heck out of the life she has now. You grew up with her, wouldn't it be nice if you could take care of her in her remaining time and give her the security she needs? Please, take the poor thing in. She will be fine. And you can sleep at night.
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I agree. I think it is the only option at this point. Please try it.
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I would, but she hates other cats and I have three, soon four of them here.. That's why my uncle propably can't keep her either. She is very dominant cat.
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Is there a family memeber who either doesn't have cats or has a large enough home to give her a room of her own? I know one room doesn't seem like much, but at 17 she is probably ready for "retirement". At that age they sleep a lot & a nice warm bed in the sun sounds like a well deserved rest for such a special cat. Certainly if it is determined that she should be sent over the bridge, I would suggest using a vet & not just shooting her.
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I'm so sorry you have to deal with such crazyness.

Can someone talk some sense into your grandpas girlfriend???? That's crazy for her to want his pet shot. Sounds like she is in your grandpas/vilmas home. How does she think your grandpa would feel if she had his cat shot?

If not, ask your Uncle to hang in there. The cats need time to adjust. Is vilma outside at the uncles house? If she is inside there is a lot of stuff on the market to help cats calm down.
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I just wonder how grandpa's girlfriend is going to feel about grandpa in a couple of years...
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Actually for a lot of people knowing they have their beloved animal to go home to helps them heal faster.
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That is so sad Could your uncle possibly build an outdoor enclosure for her?
You could contact vets and SPCA's in your area and explain the situation, maybe they would know of a nice farm, rescue, or sanctuary that could take her. Good luck!
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The 'girlfriend' indeed lives in his house and is completely in charge in there. Girlfriend is propably a bit misleading word as she is 60+..
The cat seems to be very healthy for her age, she refuses to stay inside and has already brought a 'present' to my uncle...poor squirrel, it never had a chance. I told my cousin to keep trying to make things work between the cats (he lives with my uncle), both are outdoor/indoor cats and the house is in the middle of nowhere so atleast they do have lots of space to share.
Last time Vilma had a feline friend (my granpa took another cat) she got so pissed off that she disappeared for 2 weeks and had actually walked to their other house which is in a different town! How she knew the way, we have no ideas. She thinks she's the queen of...well, everything.
I'm going to tell them that I'll take the cat if they can't handle her (as I mentioned earlier, she sure is a cat with attitude!).
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A positive update: I surprisingly met my uncle last saturday on my mom's birthday and discussed about Vilma with him. He is going to keep her and told me that Vilma has now started to stay more inside. He even asked me if it's possible to clip cat's claws! He's almost 60 and has had cats all the time, so I found it a bit amusing and gave him some tips how to do it and not to cut too much. I also suggested to wrap the cat to a towel as Vilma propably wont be the easiest kitty to handle.. I feel a bit releaved now, I also told him that if something comes up, I want to know about it and I will take the cat if needed.
Their other cat 'moved' to a barn-kind of building where my cousin lives (teenager, doesn't want to live with his dad anymore, but the building is in the same, it's warm and has running water so maybe things will work out.
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OH I am so happy to hear that things are working out for Vilma. Sounds like she is getting the care she deserves in her golden years.
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Good to hear. I wish everyone well and a speedy recovery for your grandpa.
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