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Question of the Day - October 9th - Friday

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Do you follow blogs? Do you have your very own blog?

I follow a few blogs but I don't have anything exciting going on in my like to even warrant a blog of my own.
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I normally don't bother with blogs, and I sure don't have a interesting enough life to write one.
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Nope, I don't blog..... I do journal with pen and paper tho.
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No blog here for me...
I try to keep the Twitter of the TCS...

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The only blog I follow regularly is Cakewrecks.

Use to follow one called Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds (woman worked in the office of an expensive gated community) but quit after she left that job.

No, don't blog myself.
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Nope, I use to have a xanga account years ago before myspace, facebook and twitter, but I havent been on there in years!! I dont have time to do much on here as it is .
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I have enough material but I don't write well enough for my own blog .

I religiously follow Pioneer Woman .
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I don't follow any blogs at all regularly, though there are two or three I drop in on from time to time, and no I don't blog and have no desire to.
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I have my own - in which I blog about my marathon training, cats, life with my boyfriend, rants/raves and sometimes random stuff.

I read the following blogs:
Fugly horse of the day
Why Women Hate men - WWHM (this is pretty funny; but usually not safe to view at work)
Psychotic letters from men (again IMO, funny; written by the WWHM guy)
A blogs of a few other people I know in real life
I used to read Perez Hilton with his celeb gossip (it helps kill the down time at work ).
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Originally Posted by Lynsey View Post
Fugly horse of the day
She's HILARIOUS!! A good dose of sanity and entertainment in our crazy horse world! I hate the new format though.
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I don't regularly follow any blogs. If I find one that is interesting I will usually start reading and then loose interest.

Once in awhile I think about doing it myself. Maybe as therapy. But my live is so dull and boring I would loose interest in myself.

Now if you asked about vlogs on You Tube that's a different story. I have a few people that I watch regularly. It's like watching reality TV on a smaller scale.
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I don't blog and I don't really enjoy reading blogs.
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Nope, no blogging. A friend of ours is a famous economist, and we check in on his blog every once in a while. He's very smart and funny.

The Big Picture

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I am a blog addict! I do blog it is but I havent written in a while! I will be keeping it very uptodate with my impending surgery... woo...

But here are ones I read:
# Bakerella
# c jane enjoy it
# c jane's guide to provo
# Cake Wrecks
# Cardigan Empire
# dear cjane
# Faces in Places
# My Tasty Treasures
# Pioneer Woman ( I LOVE HER!)
# The Art of Can Tabistry
# the sunsphere is NOT a wigshop
# All of the Cheezburger ones (ICHC ICHHD Failblog UNIS and Faildogs)
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I don't have a blog, but two of my friends have them and I enjoy reading those. They both write about their families/day to day life and they're goofy, so it's fun to read.
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