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Daily Thread TGIF Oct 9th!

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Not going to work today. Heading to my sisters town to spend the weekend with her.

Its supposed to rain the whole way there today so that should be taxing.

Anyway, I likely won't be online for a few days so you all have a good weekend!
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and it's
Yep I want to be back in bed. DS should be "awake" soon.
I forgot to make the coffee last night.

I finished everything I wanted to do around here yesterday. I was shocked!!
Today I want to bake the cookies I didn't do yesterday & vacuum the upstairs. Should be a light day if I allow myself to sit still.

My FIL his wife and my BIL are coming over tomorrow for dinner. Should be an interesting night. Usually is when we all get together.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.
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Goor morning!! Happy thanksgiving to all canadians! I hope you enjoy it.
It is very nice and warm this morning, unlike yesterday.
I don't have much going on besides class (a test ), then running, then either reading for my next test or spending time with a friend. Boring day.
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Morning All!!

Cold and rainy here today, not nice at all. Heading to my brothers place in a little while.yyoy

I have a couple of chores to work on this morning first and also want to take a quick shower.

Tons of realitives visiting this weekend but it is nice to see everyone.

The cats are good watching the rain right now looking annoyed.

Everyone have a good day.
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Nothing much happening here today.

We don't have much family left, so the only thanksgiving thing we're doing is on Monday.

Its a long weekend with hubby home tho, so thats a plus

Hopefully there is a day that its not raining, so we don't have to be cold and wet getting our trampoline down.

Have a good day.
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I think you guys got the wrong holiday - looks like December here and feels like it too; temp here today is supposed to zoom all the way to -4°C with a windchill of about 900 below and more whitebleep. I am certain that the barn cats are hating me now and are probably making use of their indoor 'sun'. Guess it's time to get the barn cat dry food - extra fat and protein - and get them on to that for the next 7 months. Looks very strange outside this morning, a liberal coating of whitebleep and some of the trees havent even changed colour; at least the whitebleep is wet enough it aint gonna make drifts. Yes, I am's cold, windy and miserable
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Good morning!
Happy Thanksgiving to you canadians! I wish it was that time for in need of a vacation!!!

Crazy day like all fridays, I am so tired! I spent 3 1/2 hours last night in the library studying for one test! I have soooo much more to do, like read two books, write two papers, study for 2 more tests and do all of this by next week!
I have 2 morning classes, barn, then afternoon class. Then its work from 6-midnight...sometimes a little later. Then I get up at 7am to go to the barn and go back to work until 7pm, go home hopefullyt study some. Then Sunday I work all day too. I swear I never get any relief!!!! So you probably wont see me on here this weekend
I hope everyone has a great day!!
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good afternoon

well so far ive not done to much still trying to get over last night, we collected my grandparents belongings out of their car

i think ill have a nice glass of wine when i get back to mine and then cabbage on the settee for the night

happy thanksgiving to all you canadians
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Morning. Sorta... Late night out last night, didn't sleep well, and the alarm went off way too soon. It was a good night though, had dinner and beers and it was a fundraiser for MS with a raffle. We won a few things which was cool. The funny thing is that my bosses were out too (i actually met them through the beer group who meets on Thursdays), and my boss told me when i came in this morning that I should've called and said I was coming in late, then he could've slept in too. He just went back to bed for a while actually. He said I could lie on the couch if I want to, too. I might.

So that's my day so far!

Oh yeah Genever was being a bit nutty during the night too... running, pouncing, jumping, etc.

I am very tempted to make a little Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, since I will be alone and on airplanes on the US Thanksgiving.. I do love a nice Tofurky dinner.. Yeah, I might just do that actually.

But that's not today... today, I just want to be in bed. I have to rest up for the LB Marathon on Sunday!! No, I'm not running it, but I will be woken up by hearing loud announcements for it at 6AM or something.. haha. A friend of mine, Genever's stepmom (catsitter), is running it, she ran the half last year and decided to do the full this year. Go Jess!!

OK that's enough outta me then. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians! And try to stay warm!
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It is cold -9 C . The power went off at midnight, didn't come back on until 5 am. It was cold in here. They are calling for record cold this weekend. At least cooking turkey dinner will warm the house.
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It's rainy but mild so no complaints. We turned our heat on last evening for about an hour but then it got too warm so it's been turned off again.

Looking forward to a family Thanksgiving dinner Sunday with hubby's family. His immediate family, i.e., parents, brothers, sister and all the youngun's total 24 so it's always wonderful to see everyone.

We're supposed to have lovely weather this weekend so hopefully I'll get some of my fall gardening done. I need to thin out my hostas and relocate some other plants.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
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It's 10:00AM and I'm getting so hungry reading about all your thanksgiving dinners!!!! My tummy is growling!
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