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How much does it cost YOU to just walk in the vets office?

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On my bill it's called an "exam." Granted they do an exam (temp, weight, ect) but I don't think you can opt out of the exam if you wanted to. So basically when you walk in that door, you know 'X' amount of money just jumped out of your pocket and into the vets.

At my vet the exam is $28.

Drastically cheaper than a family members vet who charges close to $50.
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i think my vet is £25 but the last few times we been in they havent actually charged for the examination just meds if they needed them, when flash got her injections we were only charged for them and not the examination of her same with sooty
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$66 for me here in Ontario,Canada
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$36 for me, and it goes down for the other cats if you bring more cats and also cheaper (only $12) if it's a pre surgical exam (like if they're going in later for a dental or neuter or something)
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annual exam $46
Add on visit $70
Last time I went it was $50 because they weren't busy or because I brought in 2 cats
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Annual exam $32

recheck $19

vaccines $12-16

lab work $100

The fees here in general seem lower than other parts of the country. It's a farming community and the farmers are dirt poor. If the clinic over charged manhy people wouldn't bring their pets in at all probably.

I keep a credit balance at the vet so I don't have to stand in line to check out, and when picking up food or supplies, can whisk in and whisk out. And so I don't have to worry about if there's money for an emergency.
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I go to two different vets. One the next town over if it's Thursday and urgent (the one here in town is closed) or if it's a cat that needs convenia. Usually the one here in town and I think the office call is $20. The other one is $15. My two vets are the cheapest around.
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Annual exam is $48

Recheck is less, but I can't remember how much. Probably 30'ish.
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Lots of answers there.

It varies dramatically.

Here its 39 for one cat +10 for each additional (which is why I try to take mine in at the same time).
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38 for one cat and then it changes for more than one in a visit but I only take one at a time since I go by myself and I can manage more than one carrier in the office or in my car!
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24 - 45 ... one vet has a Mini which shell charge for basically just vitals and a quick ?? easily taken care of ... other vet has 30 for a simple call to 45 for a er or involved call( ie takes an hour or more)
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Annual exam $26 for the first cat, $15 for each additional cat
Vaccination recheck $15
When I took the kittens in all together the vet charged me only one $26 fee for the gang.
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Originally Posted by -_aj_- View Post
i think my vet is £25
Mines something like that (approx $39.63)
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I think it's $30 for me, but there's no charge for a recurring issue; I had Oliver in at least 5 times for re-checks and new meds for his sinus problem, but there was never an office fee after the initial visit.

I had Tiko in the other day because I was paranoid about how he was acting; I feared he was having UTI issues again. They gave him a check-up, took his temp, and said he was fine (and sure enough, he's acted fine since we came home), so there's a situation where it wasn't even a recurring problem, and they still didn't charge me. I love my vet.
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^My vet seems to wave follow up visit charges, too. Probably because they figure they're getting enough out of me.

Mine varies form $0 to $30. Sometimes they don't charge an office visit even for the first time the cat is in. Today it was $14.00 for three kittens.
I'm surprised I didn't get charged anymore considering that one of them got away from the vet and they had to chase it down.
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I just took my three babies to the vet Tuesday and paid $202.00 for the 6 week check up. That did include flea treatment for my other three cats so about $40.00 can be subtracted from that.

To walk in the door was $39.00 but that covered all three kittens. The balance was their shots, poo culture and flea treatment for them.
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Mine is around $55 for a checkup. Additional for shots, etc. Whimsey, my IBD darling just cost $1,200 for x-ray, ultra-sound, medication and frightening me to death.
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I don't get charged a "walk in/exam fee" unless it's for vaccinating kittens.

I have built up a good relationship with my vet - she's really good to me, really really good.
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When I took Ku Ku to this local vet(a cat specialist in my new location) for a check-up(=initial consultation), it was around $70. Sounds "ouch" but she definitely worth paying - she listens, answers any questions, explains procedures, options etc until you completely understand, and most important of all, she cares the well-being of your cat & his/her quality of life. Can't compliment enough of her, she's great
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I also have two vets - one for emergency (at a vet hospital) and one regeular vet (both are very nice and listen.) The vet hopsital charges $57.00 per visit if not after hours or a recheck, and the other vet charges around $40.00 per visit. Both are for a regular visit including weight, temps and exam. Extra if meds, x-rays, etc. are needed. Haven't found one yet that has a reduced rate for multi-cats.
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Anywhere from $15 to $25. It's $65 for an after hours visit. $15 per pet for muti-pet discounts. I'm taking 3 cats & a dog Monday, they give me an excellent rate because I'm such a good customer.
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Yesterday my vet bill: blood draw serum chem and cbc. Anti inflam and antibiotic shots, pills to take home, weight, exam $254.00. It is getting out of control. That used to be what I made in a week!
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Office visit: $36
Multi-pet Office visit: $42
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It's very interesting to me that some of you have vets that offer "multiple pet discounts".

My vet is just the opposite. She schedules a full half hour per patient, and will not do two at one. I don't know if that is just her, or a clinic policy., She's a staff vet at a clinic that has 6 vets. Two owner vets and four staff vets.

I HAVE seen people come in with more than one carrier, or a couple of dogs...so maybe it is just her.

The Emergency fee around here is currently $75. All the vet clinics in a three county area share after hours coverage, and charge the same ER fee. That's just the basic fee for it being an emergency. Anything else is extra. They rotate who's on call. Calling my vet # gets an exchange who tells you whose on call and gives the phone number.

I love this system, and hope that we never get one of those emergency only clinics. The fees there are so high. I understand that the overhead of an ER veterinary clinic is a lot higher than what a regular vet has. But it's the attitude I hear about at those places that bothers me.
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It's about $65-75 to walk into any vet around here... which is why I use the luvmypet service at Petco for my cat's shots. It's insane how much they charge for anything they add to the exam fee too.
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Yeah I forgot to mention that sometimes it's free if it's a follow up, free for getting stitches out, ect. I cant remember if I have to pay for the exam when we do vacs... hrm.
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I often get a discount because more I have 3 pets which is fairly std for my area ... One clinic only charges one exam fee for bringing in multiples if it is routine stuff and not like a xray ... Er is 85$ to walk in
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I am not sure about mult pets/discounts for mine. Er is $95.

Thanks for the link Snake Lady!
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OK. I was sorting through paperwork today and found a recent bill for taking Flowerbelle and Tuxedo in to the vet.

I don't know how much a regular vet visit is or if this is a discount or what, because we took them in at the same time (we usually take more than 1 in at once just because now with 7 it's too much of a PIA to take them one at a time).


Exam - Multipet $44.10

Tuxie got a Sr. Wellness Screen - $135

Flowerbelle's "Superchemistry/CBC/T4" was $133.97

Tuxie's Depo injection: $33.97

Flowerbelle's fecal exam: $27.94

The rabies vaccine: $25.85 (Flowerbelle was due)

Flowerbelle's full cost with exam, blood work, rabies & fecal: $231.97

Tuxie's full cost with exam, blood work, and depo: $213.07

We have 7 cats. They all go annually. Tuxie goes - probably 3 - 6 times a year, though he only gets the full bloodwork once a year, he gets at least a CBC every time he goes.

Five of the 7 get senior panels done each time.

Spooky gets a dental every 6 months. Don't have that bill handy. (She usually gets at least one tooth pulled every year).

The only reason we had the fecal done on Flowerbelle was because she had SO many parasite problems when rescued and she just never gains weight - we just wanted to double-check and make sure.

Thank GOODNESS we pay the vet every time we get paid. I'm so glad we discussed doing that with them, because we've had to use it at least once a year for something or another. We always try to build up a nice credit - and, of course, we pay for the exams at the time when we can - but the money's there if we don't have it when they need to go. But right now we've still got a $600+ credit at the vet. TRUST ME, we'll need it soon enough.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
Tuxie's Depo injection: $33.97

Flowerbelle's fecal exam: $27.94

The rabies vaccine: $25.85 (Flowerbelle was due)

Flowerbelle's full cost with exam, blood work, rabies & fecal: $231.97
Holy smokes Laurie!!!

Depo injection here is like $11 for a cat.
Fecal is $12.
Rabies is $14.
Full blood panel done in house is $49.
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