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Best Cat Water Fountain?

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I was reading some of the threads on the cat water fountain. I finally saw one (CatIt) in action at my local Pet Food Express. I would love to buy one for my cats but i don't know which fountain is the best. I would like to spend less than $40 if possible.

Which fountain do you guys/gals suggest?
What's a good site to buy it from?

Any information on the water fountain would be much appreciated.
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You wouldn't get anything under $40 here, but prices are of course different in the US

We have a Cat-It, Drinkwell Platinum and Petmate Deluxe. My favourite of those is the Petmate, as I find it the quietest - cannot hear it at all whereas the others have a slight hum.

Also depends on what you are looking for in a fountain. If kitty likes drinking from a tap the Drinkwell fills that need.
The other 2 fountains I mentioned the water runs over a dome or ramp.
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We have a Drinkwell and a CatIt small Fresh & Clear. The Drinkwell is great. The CatIt small, Lola sticks her whole arm in the center and sprays water all over (like if you put your thumb over the hose in the summer) and makes a huge mess. It's been disassembled until I can reset it up in the basement. I was terrified the huge mess she was making would damage our hardwood floors. She doesn't make as much of a mess with the Drinkwell, and it's in the kitchen where we have linoleum floors.

I think both are great. Our little CatIt is tall, which all of the cats like. It's also round and easy to clean. The Drinkwell has been a hit with all 3 since we bought it, and the motor has held up really well. It's easy to clean, I use a 2-part baby bottle brush on it.
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I have the Drinkwell Platinum and I really like it. It’s more than $40, but it definitely attracts a cat’s curiosity and they seem to know that it belongs to them. It's not very loud at all as long as you keep it clean.(At least mine isn't, but I've seen on this site where others state that theirs is loud) You do need to change the filter at least once a month so it does continue to cost you a little bit of money, but I think it’s well worth it for your cats health. The only thing I hate is that it’s plastic. I would kill for one made of stainless steel, but right now no one seems to make one.

I would do a search on the web using the sites that already compare the prices and then see who offers free shipping and doesn’t charge tax.
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This is not even close to under $40, but the Drinkwell does have a stainless steel fountain now!!!!!!!!!!! Different design:
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My foster boys love their Drinkwell fountain. I don't like that it's plastic, either, but other than that, it is not that noisy, easy to clean and most importantly the kitties have increased their water intake.
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
This is not even close to under $40, but the Drinkwell does have a stainless steel fountain now!!!!!!!!!!! Different design:
Thank you so much for pointing that out! It must have just come out because I just did a search again not to long ago. I'm on my way to order one right now! I still just wish it wasn't made in China.

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My cat loves the Petmate Fresh Flow and at $32.99 from Purfect Cat Supply you can't beat the price. They say it helps your cats health by filtering the water and oxygenating it.
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Thanks for all the info. I'm stuck between the Petmate Deluxe and the Drinkwell Original. Which one is better or are they both equally as good?

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It depends upon if your cat likes the sound of falling water. The Drinkwell is like a running faucet, and it makes the sound of water falling on water. The petmate runs down a ramp, and it makes no "water falling" noise. It just makes the water move. Some cats just like the movement of the water. So there is no "best," it totally depends upon what attracts your cat - which you don't know until you try. Ours ignored the Petmate - they loved the drinkwell.
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