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A question about jumping cats...

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heyas, i just got my new scratching post yesterday! the one that i got i had requested the guy to make it 6ft tall rather than the standard 5 feet, it has a ladder then a raised tunnel and then a platform on the top. anyways i was watching my kitties play on it yesterday and i noticed that once they got onto the top, or even into the tunnel in order for them to get down, they basically have to jump the whole 6 feet down! now this looks to me like a long way to jump for a cat, but is it really doing their legs any harm? they sort of jump off hit the side of the ladder then bounce of thatagain to jump off!

i think the scratching post could of been designed a bit better as there is no mid way for them to jump (well there is under the tunnel but its the same length as the top, as in doesn't stick out further than then top where it would be easier for them to jump onto )
i'm just worried, i don't want them to break thier legs or anything!
is it safe for them to jump so far?
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Icy, you have nothing to worry about. Cat's are very agile creatuures, and they love to climb. Theyalso know how far is too far for their furry little bodies.

Watch them carefuly when they go to jump down. Notice how they front scoot a bit and almost seem to run down the side of it before the jump and land?

They can guage the distance really well. You have to trust that the kitty will be able to do it on his own.

Hope that helps a bit!

~ Salem
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thanks SalemSmith, yes they do do that, i just thought it might be hard on thier legs! i think Charli is a scared to climb up to the top though cuz once i saw her try to cimb up and she didn't make it and fell, unfortunately she didn't twist her body fully in time and kinda fell on her side!
thanks for your help, i'm glad that the cat tree i got isn't a hazzard to thier health!
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