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I am a nosey neighbor

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So I guess I am a nosey neighbor. Since I am stuck at home all day, I have a view of some of the houses across the street.

A pickup truck that I didn't recognize pulled up and parked across the street in front of a neighbor's house. I didn't recognize it, but this neighbor always has lots of vehicles coming and going.

A guy gets out of the truck and starts walking around the neighbor's property, just acting kinda weird. Since the neighbor wasn't home, and I didn't recognize the vehicle, I called the police.

I also took a picture of the truck. While I was on the phone with the police, the truck left, I couldn't get a license # or a pic of the driver, but the pic of the truck was really good. I printed it out and handed it to the officer when he arrived. The officer actually seemed kind of impressed at the picture and the description of the guy.

I guess I am nosey. I still haven't found out if the guy was a friend of the neighbor or not. I would want someone to call the police if someone was poking around my house when I wasn't here though...
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That's not nosey, that's being a good neighbour! I would want someone looking out for me if was my house.
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Me too! You'd make a great CSI!
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He very well could have been casing the place... OR he could have been looking for your neighbour or a lost dog or something .

Eitherway, it's the same way around here. My neighbours know I'm home all day. Last year there was a HUGE hail storm & I went to try to get her horses in when they were trying to jump the fence (of course, they are stubborn and didn't WANT in); but if anyone comes around who isn't supposed to be there I usually notice .
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That's a good neighbour! Our neighbours are like that and it makes us feel comfortable knowing they are there.
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I have asked both my hubby and his father (hubby's parents live next door) if they recognize the truck, and neither of them are familiar with it.
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I hope when I get a house that I have a neighbor like you!

My Dad and his Wife just recently went on vacation and while they were gone a group of teenagers unloaded all of their electronics and such through the front door and not one neighbor said anything.

That's what you get for living in Detroit I suppose...
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You can be my neighbour I don't think you are nosy at all.
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Nosy neighbors are good to have.

One time I called because there was a man sleeping in a car in the parking lot. Turns out it was the neighbors relative

On the flip side it can be a little scary. One day I had the police ring my doorbell. They were there to check on me because a neighbor had not seen me in three days and was worried. (I was sick at the time)

They sent two officers who looked like they were ready for the worst. I nearly fainted when I opened the door.

They wouldn't tell me who called. After I calmed down I started thinking about how nice it was that someone I hardly knew was concerned enough to call the cops.
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I don't think you're being nosey at all. I think it's great that you had a picture. Most people can't even give a basic description of a suspicious vehicle, so your report is actually very helpful. I'd rather you call, if I were your neighbor, than have my house broken into!
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I love my nosey neighbor! Nothing ever happens here that he does not see. It is a little annoying at times, but I feel much better knowing he is there when I am away. My dh left the front door standing wide open one day when he went to work, and after a few hours my neighbor called the police and they came and closed the door.
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Actually something similar happened like that last winter. Our neighbors are good to each other - most look out for each other. We noticed a guy in a stocking cap going up to the windows in my neighbors house - looking inside - then walking out to the street and down the road. He came back again (neighbor was not home, or we thought he was not home).

Called the police and about the time the police arrived, the guy and our neighbor came out of the house. Brief discussion and police left. Turned out to be the son-in-law of the neighbor and we all laughed but he did thank us as the SIL was acting strange looking in the windows.

His kids were in there and he was locked outside the house!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
That's not nosey, that's being a good neighbour! I would want someone looking out for me if was my house.
I agree! Good for you!

I used to live in the upstairs of a house in a fairly nice area of The City. Even though I rented, I felt like I was part of the neighbourhood and we all looked out for each other. One neighbour even averted a potential break-in doing just what you did when they saw a stranger seemingly casing the house of a neighbour that was away for the weekend.
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I wouldn't say that was being nosey, you were simply concerned about the other person property and there safety. I would much rather have a neighbor who notices things out of the ordinary .
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If I had to have a neighbor, I would want one like you. While we live in the country with no close neighbors, we are pretty close tp a highway. When people break down they come to our house, I'm always afraid when we are not at home someone will take advantage. I've had some weirdness out here. I would hope that someone who lives up the road would be snoopy if they saw anything out of the ordinary here. I mean, we're pretty set in our ways. I would hope if someone saw a strange vehicle here, packing stuff out, that they would call the police.
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Sounds like our area

We all know who has what vehicle, and even though it turned out to be nothing, we have had reports of suspicious people/vehicles that were reported in our area. (by persons that live here)

I do so love where I live, and feel quite safe in my neighbourhood.

Good for you Melissa.
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Ooh! I wouldn't mind having you as a neighbor if I lived in a house! Well done!

I know my mom's neighbors are always looking out for her in her neighborhood. She's 92 and gets around really well, and is in great shape, but if they see something out of the ordinary, they're right on it. Seeing as I live in NYC and she lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, I feel pretty good that they're there.

By the way, your story reminds me of the movie Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart. Did you ever see it?
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Ooooh Rear Window is a great movie!

I guess based on everyone's comments, that maybe I am not such a bad neighbor, but either way, I still haven't heard if the guy was a prowler or not.
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A few years back when I worked at a supermarket a customer came in and asked us to call the police. He was being nosey and had opened a car door to check on a sleeping person in their car. The person was dead. I think there are times and places for being nosey, definitely.
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