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Need help!

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My Cat is long haired and has hard solid poop stuck all around his butt. I don't know what to do. He is the typical scaredy cat so he is constantly running from me. When I do get a hold of him the poop is so hard its pulling at his fur. Is there a method or something people do to solve this. Its been awile now and im scared if he poops again this will get 20x worse. Any ideas ?
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You should take him to a groomer. The groomer can cut out the poop that is already stuck on his bum, and the groomer can also shave around his butt. That will help from future poop dilemmas.
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If you can't afford the groomers right now and you trust yourself with scissors you could have somebody else hold him for you while you trim it off.

In the future keep an eye on that area and you can trim the fur there short before it gets to this point.
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Or you could use clippers. I have to shave my pom and shelties bottoms every month or so to keep them clean. Be careful not to get the clippers to close to the skin. The cats don't like the sound of the clippers but I have cut matts out of my cats fur with them. If you have to...... have someone hold your cat with a towel so you can clip.

I have also used scissors for the small jobs .
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You might also want to look at what you're feeding. Sometimes the cling ons are caused from hard stools.
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