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Question of the Day: Thurs. Oct. 8

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My mind is drawing a blank this morning.

Internet/Forum Safety

  • What steps do you take to keep yourself safe online?
  • Is there anything you won't say online?
  • Have you ever been subjected to online bullying/threats/harassment? If so what would you suggest for others to do if they feel threatened?
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I never use my last name, never give out details about where I live, never post pictures of myself or family members (pets don't count on that one ).

Multiple firewalls accidentally, I've got at least 3 external and 1 internal so I'm always switching which ones are off & which ones are on.

I've certainly gotten into big fights with people online, but I've never felt personally threatened. I know there are cyber-bulling sites for kids, I think as an adult you should just be dealing with your own issues. Unless it something the police need to be involved in.
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I don't usually post pictures of myself or where I live. I have a very good firewall and and excellent security system.
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No last name, or even first name, no specific location, no pictures. People in the real world know my handles, and most of them contact me by regular email or by phone with one board excepted as we are a closed board, and most of us know each other by at least name and reputation. I even refuse to do face book. Also have two firewalls.

What I say depends on what board - the closed board, no problem, but others, I use a lot of restraint.

Gotten into a few battles on line, nothing that I can't handle but had one rather nasty experience in a now defunct chat. Some idiot started asking impertinent questions and I refused to answer, so he started badgering me. Did some digging, found out where he was (too close phyisically) and threatened to call the cops in his county and that was the end of it.
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My Rule to keep safety on internet,... spend whole day on TCS!.............
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Honestly, I guess I'm niave because I never really thought about it. I don't share a lot of personal info about myself unless I feel comfortable on a board. It took about 2 years before I even let people know my first name here and if someone has my address, that is a mail box at the end of a dirt road 1/2 mile away so good luck finding my house.

My computer is basically set up "as is". I got it last year for Christmas and I honestly don't know what security features are on it (DH is the computer geek in this house). I do know I have Norton and update frequently and run scans weekly, but other than that I have no idea.

The only financial trasactions I do on my PC is through PayPal, and we have a separate account at our credit union for that so we can transfer money from the main account to there, then I spend it. Now, DH's computer has all the bells and whistles...he pays most of the bills online and he has serious security on his. I just didn't think I needed it.

I've never really been cyber bullied, although I did have a few people that would leave me alone a few years ago in a chat room. They followed me from room to room. I just stopped using that chat program (yahoo). The people I liked had my IM name, and we still kept in touch. In my opinion, if someone is bullying you on the internet...turn it off.
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we have a firewall antivirus stuff like that will only give out our names/addresses/telephonenumbers to those we know and trust online my wifi is encrypted also
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I won't give out my last name on here or exact location etc. I am on facebook, but that box that says "Info" on a users profile, I have nothing showing there as far as email address or IM handle and any photos I have only my friends can see, nobody else. What's weird/unusual is that I've had my fair share of dates via the internet including my current boyfriend (13 months and going strong) - but I've luckily been able to weed out the weirdos on that one .

I buy purchases online from time to time - all through verified & trusted websites or paypal. Early last year, I had one of my credit card numbers stolen, only because there was an intruder who hacked a company's database that had my card # stored from a previous transaction. I was not held liable for anything.
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Well, my info is out there because of work (we publish research for a living) and the Save Samoa and Stray Pet websites. I don't really care if people know who I am, though I do try to keep my professional online life separate from my personal online life. I have no facebook or whatever accounts - just TCS. And most people we work with know we rescue cats. I did have Admin delete a thread I started here in the CL where I mentioned the name of our research firm, because then it turned up too easily when someone was googling us re: work. That turned into an issue, because it was a contest to name our firm a few years ago. That person knew nothing about us and our background, and blasted all over those stupid stock message boards that we were new to the biz. Given I've been in the industry since 1987 and Gary and I have been partners with an institutional following since 1994, that was easy to manage. But you won't see the name of our firm here in the Lounge ever again.

I do buy stuff on the web, but I have one credit card for that, and I specifically keep the available balance low so if it ever gets stolen it's not an issue.

Other than that... I count on whatever firewalls and computer scans Norton provides. Knock wood, I haven't had a problem yet. I NEVER open e-mails from someone I don't know.
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I have Norton security which scans everything once a week and will pick up any problems.

I never post my SS# or home address and if a web page asks for it, I back out of that page.

I delete any unknown e-mails and block them. So far I've never had a problem.

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