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Little Guts

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My kitten Dexter, 7 months, has the biggest appetite ever. I dont know when I should be worried. I dont want him getting over weight but he loves his food. So far he hasnt turned his nose up at anything, he will give anything a try.
Approximately how much should he be eating a day?

Any help would be much appreciated

Thanks =)
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At 7 months, Dexter is still growing. It has been my experience that providing free-feeding (24 hr access to food) is the best way to feed kittens. Up until about the first year or so, kittens need lots of calories for all the growing they're doing and all the energy they're putting off. Also, some kittens will gorge themselves at feeding time, as a form of food aggression. It is like they are thinking "I have to eat it all before someone else gets it". Free feeding tends to help this. After a few days to a week, the kitty learns that food is always going to be there, and they self-monitor, eating only what they need.

I wouldn't be worried about how much Dexter is eating unless he is starting to get a little chubby. That said, maybe others can give you some other insights. I hope this helps.
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