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Urgent reply needed!! Sick cat

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At 3:00am eastern time I awoke to my cat a vomiting up food. He has only throwed up twice. He now has a thick clear slobber coming from his mouth. He is an indoor cat and I just can't figure out what is wrong with him. Well, I just called the doctor and he told me that the car could of possibly swallowed an insect or maybe he has a hairball that is stuck. Told me to bring the cat in at 7:30am this morning. Hope it's nothing serious, this cat is an American Blue and he is really attached to me and I to him.

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He may have ingested something posionous, the drooling really sounds like poision. Is there anything he may have eaten? What is he eating, make sure it isn't recalled. Any chemicals, soap, plants, fabric, plastic, medicine that he can get to?

I would go to the vet now... How is the cat acting? Any other symptoms?
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Oh dear! Please let us know how he is doing after the vet sees him.
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I hope you have been to the vet by now. Please let us know what you find out.
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Agree that he had ingested something posionous, most likely household cleaning product, in some case pet's flea killer can do as well.
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Any updates? Vibes heading your way!
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I hope he will be ok.
I had a cat drool like that and her kidneys were gone and I lost her.
It does sound like he could have got into something.
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Ohhhh, I was hoping for an update. I hope the cat is ok.
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