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This is going to be fun...

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or not.
DH informed me earlier that they (Mars) want to get pictures of people with their pets Friday. No, not give them a picture of you and your pet - a professional picture taken there.

Typically whenever there is a "pet" event, that means dog, but they really do want some pictures with cats. Due to DH position and that everyone knows we have cats, they want him to bring one up. I keep telling him that he's crazy and so are they! They're willing to compromise and have a separate room just for that and to let whatever cat we decide to bring up get used to the room first.

He wants to take Sherman. Probably because Sherman is the "fancy" looking cat that everyone likes - and he's a bit more tolerant of strangers (he doesn't hide under the bed, likes to show off for them -walks up and sniffs people/gets too personal). I still think this is a terrible idea.
To top it off, Sherman is the fussiest cat about being held. He only tolerates it when he wants attention and then it's him smothering you - not you holding him. Forcing him to do otherwise results in Sherman whining, a lot.

Has anyone been in a similar position? Should I make him risk getting in trouble? The picture will likely be used in some of Mars publications...
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I have been photographed a lot with my cats for newspapers and filmed for TV many times too.

You'd think because my cats go to shows it would be easier but apparently not.

I had a photo shoot lined up and had my youngest cat ready to have photograph taken (fur all done, cleans) well she had other ideas and ran at first sight of the camera. So be prepared to have back ups.

The lady that was photographing me said to "Go with the flow of the animal" so we did and I stuck my head in a pot plant, then through the arm of my wicker couch. In the end I used my oldest cat (Elmo - who'll be 10 next month) for the photoshoot.

Good luck - do you get a photo to keep too?

ETA: this photo shoot was at my house so I'd hate to think what it would have been like if we had to have gone to a studio.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
So be prepared to have back ups.
Back up cats? I'd get to choose between; Tomas - previously bitten a vet tech, aggressive towards strangers who get too close/in his line of sight, Sho - scared of strangers, but freezes and doesn't struggle at all - he bugs his eyes out and looks scared to death, probably not a good look for a picture. Siri - skittish, doesn't like being restrained at all, would camouflage with DH's dark shirt. My other two only like DH and I, and of those two only I can touch one of them (anyone else would call Boo a semi-feral, I call him rotten and full of it ), the other one is like Tomas and will growl at strangers.

I have a fun bunch.

I'm glad to know that your show kitties misbehave, too.
I don't know if we'll get a picture. If it's published we get the magazine it will be in.
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It sounds like a challenge, anyway! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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your going to have loads of fun hehe

good luck
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I had 3 of my cats photographed by a professional at Petsmart years ago. In the mid 90's, they were doing a special with a photographer. I'm glad I did it because they are all at the RB Their pictures are on my dresser. When I wake up in the morning I see them

They were all really good for Photo's. One of them is in a basket with a bandana around her neck.
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My girls immediately stop whatever cute actions they are doing as soon as they hear or see a camera

I hope you have better luck than I do
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DH just informed me that he misunderstood. They're going to be filming, not taking pictures.
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Even better! Ooops - I think I meant - even more challenging!
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So how'd it go and what happened? I can't believe you were here posting last night and didn't update this thread!
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