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An evening at the zoo

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Some pics are good - some not so good.

Another thread will follow shortly with a few Camille & Itty Bitty pics.

Twitch approves of the new "butt box" & her new "cat bed" - I can't have my clothes, she is sleeping on them.

Special Margo

Special Margo almost split the box

Molly - thanks to this cold snap/sudden warm day - we *finally* cleared up that blasted eye again until 2 days ago *sigh*

Killer Lily

"Not happy on meds" Ophelia Rose - she's not letting me near her atm

Crazy Dorky Fish!

Suddenly he hears someone else, so goes back to a well mannered adult kitty

Danglehead/Danglefoot Eden

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aww they are all so cute
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YOu know... I think your Dorky Fish and my Ghostie would be great pals!
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I love Dorky Fish...So handsome..You wouldnt happen to be a fan of Bill Engvall with that name would you????
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Such pretty babies!

Dorky Fish is just adorable, as always. I would love to scritch and snuggle him.
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Nat you can see their a happy little bunch!
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they are all so gorgeous
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Fish is such a great name!!!

Margo is hilarious, I love it when they try to squeeze into boxes like that, like me trying to squeeze into a pair of old jeans .
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Margo gets her head stuck in places (literally) that it shouldn't fit. She stuck her head in a pickle jar a month ago. It was empty & drying in the sink after I washed it to recycle it!

And Dorky Fish's real name is Dorian Grey.....that morphed into Dory (Finding Nemo) which morphed into Dorky Fish. My cats never have normal names.
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Perhaps because you don't have normal cats?

I always love seeing photos of your family!
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I love them all! I hope Molly's eye can be fixed?
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Love your zoo crew. The are a great bunch of cats.
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Molly's eye gets bad on & off - this time she definitely has URI symptoms so is on meds, and has a vet check on Monday. That eye is actually the reason I brought her home from the shelter - it wouldn't get better & she was running out of time. That was 3-4 years ago! The general consensus is a damaged tear duct in combination with herpes.
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