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Darn Darn Darn!

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We're going to have to get out the trap again. In the RV park, we don't have garbage pick-up - we have to drop it off ourselves. Today we saw two kitties jump out of the dumpster as we pulled up. One was orange, one was B&W.

We knew there was a family of B&W kitties - we saw them earlier this summer - but had no idea where they went. Everyone around here said they'd never seen cats at the garbage. We asked everyone to keep an eye out for the kitties. But that covers only "the regulars" or long-termers here.

I guess guests must have been feeding them or something, and now that the season has wound down, they're forced to eat the garbage. He hates trapping the coons and skunks - but I think it's just too far away for us to bother putting out food (and we'd just attract the coons and skunks ).

We're gonna start Friday.
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Oh no!!!!! I'll get my vibes all revved up for your trapping day!!

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Yeah - now that pets are allowed in the park (the old owners didn't allow them. We were the exception, because our cats are indoor only and all of them were rescued - most of them from this park!) this is probably going to be a problem. Not only do cats regularly get dumped out this way because of all the farms (we worked with the farmers around here on getting all their barn cats spayed/neutered last time we lived here) - now we get the gift of the idiots that leave them behind because kitty wasn't around when they were ready to roll. One of the staff members adopted a beautiful siamese girl that got left behind this summer. They even knew who left her - and contacted them - and they said to just keep her or find a good home for her!

It can just be so depressing. I don't know that Gary and I are up for this emotionally right now, really. Thank GOD we can at least partially afford it now.
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Oh, Laurie. I know you guys don't need this right now, but I'm sure glad those kitties have you and Gary to look out for them. I'll be sending lots of vibes for your trapping efforts.
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Hey Laurie... wish I could help you out... I can't imagine how you 2 are alble to keep it up but I commend your efforts & wish you strength for your task ahead... just curious but how do you keep from getting "sprayed" when a skunk is trapped... good luck!
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We trap when it's dusk/dark, Gary approaches the trap from the side, releases the skunk - and it's so relieved to be free, I guess, it runs away.

Well, they came and emptied the dumpsters and as the RV Park is closed for the season now, so we decided the best course of action is to put food out over there and get whatever is eating it on a schedule. No point in leaving it out all night though. Nothing showed up for the couple of hours we had it out yesterday.
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