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The three brothers

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I caught these 3 guys lounging on my bed together the other day and wanted to share. They are all sons of a feral cat that I spent years trying to trap. When I lived on my "farm", the feral cats liked to have their kittens elsewhere, then bring them up to my house because somehow they all knew that I fed them there. More often than not, they would bring the kittens up, drop them off and disappear before I could trap them (of course this all changed once I bought my own trap and didn't have to borrow one when a new cat showed up).

I spent 5 years trying to trap these cat's mother (if I only knew then what I know now). She was a short haired red tabby with distinct enough markings that I knew it was the same cat. The first kitten she left for us was Bob Marley (on the left) who is now 11 years old. The second set of kittens she left were Pinky (middle) and Ruby (OTB), now 8 years old. The last set of kittens she left included Lucky Pierre (right) now 6. Since I finally had my own trap, I trapped the entire family and all but Lucky had FeLV. Somehow Lucky fought it off by himself. The mom looked most like Lucky.

It is very weird, but even though there is 5 years between these cats, it's almost as if they recognize that they are blood related. They hang out with each other more so than any of the other cats in the house, and I've never witnessed any type of issues between them, even when Lucky was first introduced to the house and while some of the other cats hissed, Bob and Pinky came up and groomed him.
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What beautiful boys!So handsome!I'm a sucker for a red tabby...well,any cat actually,but red boys hold a special place in my heart.I have seen this behavior you mentioned between siblings with my own kids.I have several that are all related in one way,shape or form,all of different ages and genders.When one comes into the family for the first time,it's like they know.I don't know how they can sense such a thing,but I truly believe that they do!
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How unbelievably cute these guys are!!

They really do look like brothers. They must be total love-bugs too
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Aw, they are so handsome! I love how they are cuddled together. What a great bunch of brothers.
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
They must be total love-bugs too
Actually, not so much. We call Bob "busy cat" cause he rarely sits still. I didn't have time to socialize Lucky when he was very young, so he remained feral until I started to work him when he was about 18 months old. Now he sneaks in snuggles with me at night when he thinks I'm sleeping. He's a snuggle but want to be, but too tough to show me. Pinky is the biggest love bug, but only when he wants it, which is about 15 minutes a day. They love each other more than they love humans.
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What handsome boys!!!!!
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Oh are they GORGEOUS boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They look SO - proud! I'd say kinda like... did you ask permission to take the pic?
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Awww! What cuties. They remind me of my orange baby... i love orange kitties!
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3 intimidating brothers!
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Very sweet and smooth triplets. Good luck on trapping their mother, she must be so beautiful.
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That's a good lookin' bunch of orange kitty right there!
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Those are very handsome cats that you have there. I also red tabbies (probably because I have one of my own )
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They are such handsome boys! I love red tabbies, I have a red tabby girl so I'm slightly biased!
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They are gorgeous......I love the orange kitties........
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Originally Posted by chinacat View Post
They are such handsome boys! I love red tabbies, I have a red tabby girl so I'm slightly biased!
I also have a red girl (Scarlett in my siggie). She looks remarkably similar to Pinky, and since she was also born to a feral cat in my area, we strongly suspect that the 2 of them share a father, since they are only a year apart. We did see a big red fluffy male roaming in the area at that time and he never visited consistently enough to trap him. When you see these 2 side by side, Scarlett has the exact same body shape, coloring and fur texture as Pinky, only she's 1/2 of his size.
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I love that photo! I am so glad you were able to capture that moment. Their story is very interesting also.
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What a great picture!! They look like a little tight "band of brothers".

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They are handsome fellas Amy
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