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Please send prayers & vibes- Carotid Artery

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Please send prayers and vibes my way. After over three months of ringing in my ears and pounding in my head, I have just been told that I have a small blockage in my right carotid artery and should see the vascular specialist. The earliest appt. is Monday. I am so worried! I am making myself so nervous I keep thinking I am having a heart attack. Has anybody been through this before? I am so scared!

I have been suffering from fibroids for almost two years now with painful varicose veins and I didn't need this. I don't have health insurance right now, so taking care of everything is a very hard slow process.

I feel so depressed and nervous right now.

Thank you!
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Sending prayers and healing vibes your way
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Oh! I'm sure it will work out well!

Now I just have to show you this video that will make you laugh! I'm just going to post it on to everyone who's not having such a good day. it's a hilarious video and you've got to see it! Just watch it through, it WILL make you laugh guaranteed!

Except for the cat on the fan! That scares me... lol
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You got it!
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Keep your faith up and go cuddle a kitty! It works every time! I'm a nurse and it is good that they found this when there is still "a little blockage". This can be addressed and you'll be ok. It's when there is a 100% blockage on one side that you really need to worry. The good thing is that you have 2 arteries going up to your brain so the other one will take over and get the blood where it needs to go. Now, take a good deep breath, smile, and go cuddle that kitty!
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Sending many healthy, healing vibes for you. Try to think positive

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Sending good health vibes
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Many, many calming and healing coming your way. One thing...don't worry yourself sick over this. They caught it early so that's a good thing. Wait and see what the doctor says.

As for paying the bills, it can be a pain but most doctors are happy if they just receive a little payment each month. It may strap you for a while, but it's better than the alternative.

I'll be thinking about you. Let us know what he says on Monday.
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Vibes from me, too!!
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More vibes! Hope everything turns out alright!
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Some from me too I am sure all will be fine
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Many, many thanks to all of you for your prayers and vibes. I so appreciate them! (the you tube video was so funny!)

I just got back from the specialist and he looked at my test results and doesn't think that it's possible that I could have a blockage in my carotid artery, or at least to that extent (62-70%). I am in my 40's and I don't smoke so he says that the test results are probably an error.

So I should take the test over in another six months or so. I am still a bit nervous though. What if the original test results are correct? I guess nothing can change that much within six months and then I will know. I just wish I knew for sure...

Thank you all again!
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I didn't see the thread before this post, but I'll add my vibes now - that the specialist is right!
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Hopefully you can trust in the specialist. They are specialists for a reason! If you're really worried though, I don't think it would hurt you to get a second opinion from another specialist.

Keeping the up for you, but I'm glad that the specialist doesn't think its that serious.
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I'd get a 2nd opinion. If it IS a blockage of the carotid artery, the longer you leave it, the more of a chance you could have a stroke.

My Mom gets her carotid artery surgery on Friday (but she's 82).

I hope everything is ok with you--please keep us posted!
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Funny, but DH just told me his cousin told him that she has a blockage in her carotid artery. Her doctor told her that the carotid artery branches off and one part goes to the brain and the other part goes to the face. Her's is in the one that goes to the face, and the doctor said he wasn't concerned. He told her to go back in a year to have it checked. Did the doctor tell you which branch your blockage was in?
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Drat! Mine is the internal which feeds the brain.
I am going to talk to my regular doctor and see what he says, then get a second opinion. I just would like to know for sure.

Thank you!
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