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Need some tips...

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Hi, I already posted in the "Cat S.O.S." section, so this in not about adopting my cats out.
But I would like to get some ideas of what else I could do to find homes for cats that need to be rehomed. I don't want to put ads out (like on CL or in local newspapers) and I don't want to just give them to shelters/rescues. I want to be in charge to whom they go to and would like to stick to a cat lover community. So I am looking for places I can post, like this here.
Does anyone know some cat related forums or bb, with either a very large membership or regionally for Florida? I am not having a lot of luck with google.
If this is not allowed to be posted here, please PM me any suggestions
Are there any other tips someone can give me besides "put them on CL" or "check with local shelters/rescues"?
Thanks for reading.
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Best Friends has an excellent resource library with a brochure-maker and a section on Adoptions.

You can also join the network for additional ideas and tips:

They probably have an adoption contract, but in case they don't here's a link to one:

I'm also pretty sure that individuals are now allowed to put up adoptions at petfinder:
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Thank you Laurie, I will check these links out!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post

I'm also pretty sure that individuals are now allowed to put up adoptions at petfinder:
To post on petfinder as an individual you have to click on "classifieds" first. Then it will walk you through the steps to place an ad.
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I always post in the newspaper under Classifieds. You still get to meet the person who's going to take the animal you're giving away. It's pretty cheap to put an ad in the paper. The person calls, you either offer for them to come by or you go by their place, and when you see them, you have the time to talk and get to know that person before giving them the animal. When my cat had kittens awhile back, we didn't give them to just anyone. We told one guy we "had to think about it" which generally means no, because he just wanted a female for his male to mount. But the kittens went to really good homes. You can just tell when someone is a good animal lover when you have a 10-15 minute conversation with them.
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Actually, it's pretty important to charge at least something for them - it's the only way to make sure someone's serious. We don't adopt to first time pet owners, either - we make sure to get vet references.
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