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Need to place my cats - Florida

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I am getting a divorce and since I am originally from Germany, I would really like to go back home. I only came here because of my (soon to be ex) husband. I never thought it would come to this, since I always thought he loves our animals like I do, but apparently he doesn’t. He doesn’t want any of the cats, horses or dogs now and leaves it up to me what to do with them.
Anyways, I an stuck now and need some help to place my cats. I have no chance in finding a small apartment to rent with 5 cats in tow and I can’t afford to buy anything. If I go back to Germany, I would have to live at my parents’ for a while and they won’t let me bring any cats either.
I have 5 cats to place, they are all 6.5 years old, (littermates, the mother already found an awesome home, thank goodness), fixed, litter trained. They are NOT declawed. They all seem to be domestic shorthair. There’s a gray female, she’s the runt, small and thin but active, likes to retrieve a toy mouse like a dog. A very cuddly cat, loves to be picked up and held. A black female, doesn’t like to be picked up and is a little shy, but very cute. Three tabby males.
If I could adopt the black and the gray female out together, that would be great. Two of the tabby males also get along well. One doesn’t like to be picked up but he’s very pretty, and he does come to cuddle. The other is a cuddle bug and could live in your arms if you’d let him. One tabby male would make a great single cat. He’s a little wimp and not very social with the other cats, but he loves to cuddle.
These cats are all very friendly and never seen a bad day in their lives.
I had originally found their mother the day she gave birth. She was hiding behind the motor of a parked car in the middle of town, and was covered in motor oil. She was so skinny, I didn’t even expect her to have them so soon, but she gave birth an hour or two after I found her.
I am looking for forever, indoor homes. If anyone here is remotely interested or knows of anyone that might be interested, please post and let me know. Or you can PM me.
We live a little north of the Tampa Bay area in Florida on the west coast, but would be willing to drive quite a bit to bring them to suitable homes.
Thank you for reading.
Feel free to cross post!
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I am so sorry for what you are going through and I know it must be heart wrenching to part with your cats.

Have you posted any info in the local vet offices?

Here is a list of some cat rescue organizations that may be near you.

Maybe they could help locate homes or at least post your information.

Wishing you the best.
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I can offer only my prayers and vibes that you are able to place your pets during this difficult time
Are you sure that you can't consider staying in the States - I know a few great guys who would value a good wife, esp. one who likes cats & horses
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i have said this in other post today, have you tried nursing homes? they do some times take in a few kitties to help the residents feel at home. the nursing home i worked at had two and would just sit in the residents laps and get petted all day, And there were places they could hide too! the kitties just have to get used to wheelchairs!! that can be a little scary but works out well! GOOD LUCK
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